Nuit de Feu 
Louis Vuitton (2020)

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There are 1 reviews of Nuit de Feu by Louis Vuitton.

This is a very fine fragrance and a little goes a long way. I was surprised at the amber oud warmth of Nuit de Feu, an element I didn't expect from reading the notes list. The opening has a close relationship to Tauer's L'Air du Desert Moracain but the mid notes reveal a hit of something like Dior Leather Oud. These two elements (LDDM & Leather Oud) are held together with a Roja Dove Amber Oud type scent. When I see white incense and black incense in the notes list, is the white woods incense - sandalwood, palo santo, cedar - mixed with black amber (frankincense, labdanum & birch tar). The results are a smooth and deep warmth of penetrating amber leather incense with a touch of smoke. This sounds heavy but no, it's wrapped up with a carefully finished glow that feels refined and well honed. Definitely one of my favorites from the LV fragrance lab. Rated: 9 of 10 stars.
Jul 3, 2021

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