Nudiflorum fragrance notes

    • floral notes, skin musk

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This fragrance offers a soft leather accord accompanied by a mossy fruity note. It features a gentle sweetness with hints of raspberry and a subtle muskiness, which gives it a synthetic but pleasant character. It's worth noting that opinions on this scent seem to vary, so testing it beforehand is advisable. Overall, it receives a rating of 4, with a unisex leaning slightly towards the feminine side. The fragrance delivers a smooth and non-harsh experience with its sweet and musky leather composition.
26th June 2023
I find this scent to be a modern avant-garde composition,with no single note dominating,and not something the masses will find likeable.nothing spectacular to a person who has sniffed atleast many perfumes based on the same DNA.Nudiflorum is the kind of scent that feels urban and aloof,but comforting and unmistakablevery addictive.synthetic it is.

The opening has a strong floral sweetness to it by jasmine that's very begins to dry down to reveal a more animalic side with musk and leather on one side,and some rose and an earthy feels rich,a tad sweet. but what i really like about this perfume is that the leather note here is not overly aggressive,it is like the softest kid leather or supple suede.unisex feminine leaning scent with moderate to strong projection and very good longevity.
20th December 2021

As a fan of the Nasomatto line, I was curious to pick up a bottle of Nudiflorum. I am wearing it as I type, having applied 4 sprays about 8 hours ago. Let's talk about performance first. Strong projection for about 6+ hours. Has it retreated to a skin-scent? Not sure, I am still getting wafts. Longevity is typically good with Nasomatto perfumes and Nudiflorum is no exception. Sillage is always difficult for me to judge as I am always "ahead" of my scent. Compliment factor? So far, none :-(
So how does it smell? Starts off very floral. Boom, in your face floral. After about 30 minutes, the animalics (musk) start to take over and that is when I really start to appreciate this scent. This stage lasts a long time. I read a review saying that it smells like an ashtray. That is way off. What it REALLY smells like perfume on a smoker. Not the nasty, putrid old-time smoker, who reeks of cigarettes, but the light smoker, who is also clean and well-kempt and who has applied some flowery, musky perfume. Now this may turn some off, but for me, it is VERY comforting.
That being said, I strongly urge a test before making a purchase. I am quite happy with it, but readily admit, this scent won't be for everybody.
6th April 2021
Lovely green,light floral, musky scent that seems to sparkle and evolve throughout a long dry down. Like the few other Nasomatto scents I enjoy, it hangs close to the skin and lasts well into early evening.
28th September 2020
This is a very nice fragrance but it smells identical to Aqua Regia which is a more powerful version of Nur. I own Aqua Regia so it makes no sense to purchase Nudiflorum. I will still give it a thumbs because its bottle worthy if you don't have Aqua Regia or Nur
14th October 2018