Nu Eau de Parfum 
Yves Saint Laurent (2001)

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Nu Eau de Parfum by Yves Saint Laurent

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Yves Saint Laurent
Fragrance House
Tom Ford
Creative Director

The first YSL scent since Gucci took over in 1999. Packaged in cobalt blue glass, with notes of White Orchid and Incense. 'Nu' is French for nude.

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Reviews of Nu Eau de Parfum by Yves Saint Laurent

There are 38 reviews of Nu Eau de Parfum by Yves Saint Laurent.

I actually love Nu by YSL. It smells a lot to me like Addict by Dior. Nonetheless, it is beautiful and one-of-a-kind!

This one was great! Back like 6 years ago they'd have pallet loads of it at outlet malls on clearance. No one wanted it. It's extremely similar to Kingdom-- big opaque all-basenotes incense affair. I suppose it was confusing to people that this Cleopatra barge oriental was marketed as "Nude." I guess Tom Ford enjoyed doing this since his similar Youth-Dew tribute was also called "Nude." I honestly didn't know that it was marketed to women until I saw this--I thought it was another unisex experiment.

I just can't believe how interesting department store fragrances were in the early 00s, right before the IFRA apocalypse. They all failed and were discontinued, of course, but still.

A sensual fusion between the intense passion of a heroine and the timeless power of YSL.the structure of NU is oriental that evokes a timeless era of femininity.she turns up her natural charm and distiction into a true power of attraction for a unforgettable moment of sensual abandon.i really love this passionate,powerful, exciting,spicy,sensual, glamorous, intriguing,classy and gorgeous scent.

The fragrance composition on cardamom head notes more freshed with a hint of the heart a bewitching orchid accord by a full note of incense and exotic touches of jasmine which add sensuality and powerful to the scent and harmonize over a luxurious and special base rife with woody notes.the result is an intense and seductive fusion for the ultimate is perfect for a special evening in autumn/winter.

Nu perfectly fits my idea that when you find yourself facing a good fragrance, it doesn't matter if it's niche or designer, masculine or feminine, new or vintage, classic or's just good and all you can do is to enjoy it.

This is when Tom Ford used to be brilliant, passionate and smart just right before his ego turned into an oversized monster. During those years he delivered, together with extremely talented perfumers, a bunch of outstanding fragrances that people still love and will always love (Envy, Envy For Men, Gucci Pour Homme I, Rive Gauche Pour Hommme, M7, a bunch of Kouros flankers....Nu).

The fragrance opens with a catchy citrus/frankincense combo enriched by a modern peppery note. Just terrific. The orchid accord breaks in almost right away introducing a synthetic woody base with a remarkable spicy (cardamom) presence while incense provides a slightly sexy/smoky vibe. Ok, there's something synthetic going on here, but it's nowhere close to the overwhelming assault we often witness in most of today's compositions. The synthetic aspect is carefully balanced with the rest and handled to provide depth and complexity. Perfectly contextualized and never overdone. If you're into spicy orientals you can't miss NU.

Reasonably powerful, long lasting, nice projection. A fine feminine composition that turns to be terrific on a man.

this is a very heavy scent suitable for old women only. spices and woods and incence and a bit of cinnamon. too strong and overpowering, annoyes anyone who is sitting next to you. smells like church and it reminds me of death and graves.the worse purchase i've ever made.

The opening comes on very strong, but I like its spiciness and peppery sting. I immediately smell the incense from the base, and I think for an instant or two that this is a fragrance that I will certainly enjoy. Then comes the orchid note... and from that point all bets are off. I hate that orchid note – to me it is somewhat comparable to a rotten green pepper note. Oh well…

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