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    • cocoa, saffron, assam oud

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If this is the new world, I’ll take the old one.

Louis Vuitton claims Nouveau Monde’s central accord is “the meeting of a raw cocoa bean with an extremely rare oud assam,” along with some saffron in “spicy harmony.”

Let’s be clear: nothing in that description is in, or even on the same planet as, this fragrance. At most, Noveau Monde’s vague sweetness might suggest cocoa to someone who’d heard of it but never actually tried some. Oud Assam? Saffron? Who are they kidding/conning?

This is the same old strident aromachemical glop in every other modern designer afterthought of a fragrance, an emperor who desperately needs to don some clothes—but not without bathing thoroughly first.

Speaking of which, I’m off to scrub.
1st May 2022
I don't like it. Too much going on.
But I think I was spoiled by Ombre Nomad which to me is perfect. There is a similarity between the two, however, Nouveau Monde is garish and brash, unjustifiably.
1st July 2021

Nouveau Monde is a bold and aggressive floral, saffron, cocoa and oud fragrance that is definitely a "test it first" fragrance. It is bold, beautiful, in your face, harsh if you abuse it, but also sublime and soft suede around the edges. Nouveau Monde resides in a similar neighborhood of fragrance with Tom Ford Noir de Noir , Vilhelm Parfumerie Oud Affair and even MFK Oud Satin Mood Extrait. There is no mention of floral notes here, however I am picking up aromas of jasmine, rose and violet over a dark oudish wood, maybe a touch of patchouli, softened with saffron and cocoa powder. The cocoa/saffron definitely warms and softens things up towards the consistency of dark soft suede. Don't underestimate this fragrance. It is a bold, fashion forward, even posh extrovert of a fragrance. Usage might require a half spritz used wisely to be sufficient. While this scent is definitely not for everybody, it is a striking statement of sublime beauty, for those brave enough to take this on. Rating: 8 of 10 stars.
19th May 2021
Rose Oud fragrance that's well blended. I'm not feeling this one however. There is a sweetness that isn't working for me. I do love some gourmand fragrances, so it's not because it's sweet per se, but it's the particular sweetness I'm smelling here. Maybe it's the saffron note that I'm not liking in this blend. Not sure but this ones a pass for me.
24th April 2021
TLDR: Excellent (4/5). Sophisticated rose oud with saffron and (most likely) some real, slightly rough oud blended with great synthetics. The interplay between the oud and the minor notes is beautiful.

Saying Jacques Cavallier is very good with oud is, I guess, rather like saying Messi is very good with the ball at his feet. Still, if M7 didn't cement M. Cavallier's place in the oud fragrance hall of fame, the ouds in the Louis Vuitton line have to have done so.

I have at least sampled all of the LV ouds except the recent Pur Oud*. Nouveau Monde is the only one of them I chose to get in a full bottle. I have still waited quite some time to review this fragrance because initially, I was unsure this fragrance was anywhere close to being worth what I paid for it.

After a number of wearings, I have concluded that this stuff really is excellent--even at the price.

The oud here is great. I am relatively certain there is some real oud blended with the synthetics. There is some fecal waft in the tippy top notes but it fades fast and from there on out, the oud is Western-smooth and endures for ages.

What makes this fragrance, and the nose work on display here, stand out is the beautiful way the oud is framed. Saffron and cardamom are here, as is a dry rose. So far, so typical, but there is also patchouli harmonizing with cacao and a nice warm vanilla. Some woods anchor the base. This is great formulation and blending and it lifts this fragrance above the many similar products out there.

I have ultimately come to love this fragrance more than the many other Western designer ouds I own (I am currently really into this type of fragrance). There is a beautiful subtlety to Nouveau Monde that comes from the way the other notes interact with the oud that.

These Vuitton fragrances are well and stylishly presented and the atomizers are very good. Try to get a sample or decant and give this scent a couple of full days wear before you decide about it. At the asking price, you'll probably have planned to do so anyway.

You may come to like Nouveau Monde as much as I do, in which case, the price is abundantly fair. Recommended.
*While typing this review, I learned that one of my sisters-in-law, who thinks that (like solar and wind energy,) money is infinitely renewable, has a bottle of Pur Oud waiting for me when I get back to Dubai. (Yeah!). Look for a review of this LV fragrance in the fall after I get to wear it a few times.
21st April 2021
Nice fresh lemony with touches of wood fragrance settling to cocoa and wood then fairly linear. Masculine but not aggressively so. Good projection even better longevity.
Interestingly it reminds me of Carved Our by Thameen buy the latter is drier , more uncompromising and less interesting.
This will be my signature scent unless what I have coming from TNRP is better.

Fragrance: 8/10 but you need an evening scent if you want something more multifaceted and deeper.
Projection: 7/10
Longevity: 8/10

I wrote another less flattering review recently giving it a neutral. Just shows how perception can change.
27th January 2020
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