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Norne by Slumberhouse

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Norne is a men's fragrance launched in 2012 by Slumberhouse

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There are 60 reviews of Norne by Slumberhouse.

A walk through the Northern Maine woods with nothing but pine trees as far as the eye can see in mid November. A light coating of snow has started falling, and off in the distance someone has started a small fire. Pine tree limbs are added to the fire, and the sweet smell of pine resin has started to emerge from the fire. Pine, incense and some cloves round out this scent, beware that the juice will stain as someone else has has mentioned, comes out very sticky on skin too. A wonderful experience.

Okay. I own my Norne for over 6 months now. I’ve been exploring it starting in the middle of autumn, whole winter and whole spring as well.

Norne is realistic, brings memories of mine, takes me places. First of all - thick, dark, wet conifer forest (mainly fir if I had to guess) with a lot of moss as the ground floor. Also - trees are covered with moss as well. I remember myself visiting forest like this whole lot of times in my childhood - being with my family while they were collecting mushrooms for eating purposes. Actually it was always during the daytime, but I can easily imagine myself that is exactly how the forest smells after the heavy rain, possibly maybe even after the storm.

Then - a picture of dark, broody, evil and mysterious forest like in metal (mainly black metal) songs and bands use as a theme - Satyricon in Mother North as a good example.

This is surely niche all the way through. Composed in 2012, when conifers in general weren’t exploited that much in niche genre. That all together makes Norne unique as it is. I have to give Slumberhouse and Josh Lobb due respect - just for that.

There is a kind of spice in Norne which you won’t confuse with any other perfume on the market. Most people say it’s clove - I wouldn’t be so sure, but the spice is surely there.

It lasts fairly long on my skin, but the sillage isn’t huge. That’s not a bad thing at all.

If it returns on the market anytime in space I’ll probably buy a full bottle.

"Asleep within waves,
A cascade of snowstars
Suspended in a dozen Decembers
... Crushing everything black"
- Genevieve

Beautiful refined pine open, but sadly that fads too quickly, and then it's primarily a clove/incense experience for the duration. Conclusion: not nearly enough pine, way too much clove, just the right amount of incense. So my search for the perfect pine scent continues.

The most recent neg review nails it: thick pine sap molasses with big clove sitting somewhere in the pine barrens and on fire. Great description, although I'm not real sure it's on fire. Nevertheless, the good doctor didn't care for that smell at all. It's quirky, yes, but when the time is right... Vive le Slumberhouse!

Sticky smokey pine resin. The sauce is this and stained my skin green. After it dried for a few hours the pine burned off a bit faster than the smokey incense. High quality, natural smelling. Strong strong. Not full bottle worthy full me because it is price prohibitive.

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