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Norell is a women's perfume launched in 1968 by Norell

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Reviews of Norell by Norell

There are 25 reviews of Norell by Norell.

Norell is what started the craze for bitter/sweet floral chypres in the 1970s, and as usual, the OG is still the best. Don't bother with this if you're under 50, you will not Get It. Josephine Catapano considered this her greatest creation, and I agree. The Spray Cologne is lighter and more powdery. The perfume is heavier and muskier. Norell has a huge overdose of bitter, green galbanum: If your perfume mantra is "Warm sweet and cozy", you'll run screaming for your mommy. This bitch takes NO prisoners. Truly great perfumes often have a polarizing effect on people, and I've definitely noticed that with Norell. Women seem somewhat indifferent to it, while it seems to drive men absolutely insane. The right perfume on the right person can be explosive. When Norell debuted at Bonwit's it was hugely popular. Now she is gone and forgotten by all but a few afficionados. "Stupid world." said Josephine. I agree.

I remember I did a blind buy of this fragrance about ten years ago or so, it came with the body wash & lotion. I remember purchasing it because it was/still is very affordable & I said wth not?

When I first smelled this, it definitely is a vintage type fragrance if I could use that term ever so loosey... I knew from the first spray that this would not be for me as it is too floral with carnation & gardenia taking over & those are two florals that I detest so I put it up & never touch it again until about a few weeks ago.

A lovely fragrance friend of mine who lives out in the bay area in Cali loves vintage style frags so I gathered up a nice package with some samples & sent her the set, she was thrilled with this fragrance as she loves it. I am glad someone will get good use out of it & will actually enjoy it because I knew I was not.

I will give this fragrance credit for having good projection & longevity especially given the price point. I do enjoy my vintage types of fragrances, but this is a big thumbs down for me!

Vintage Norrell... A glorious, aromatic from days gone by. My formula is alive with galbanum, hyacinth, narcissus, coriander, and gardenia. The carnation isn't cranky; the jasmine isn't too dirty. There is a touch of cinnamon. The lily and rose smell old-fashioned. A smattering of cardamom, dark oakmoss, and tame vetiver round this out. I am depressed today and this makes me feel better. Reminds me of better times. Joyful times.

I didn't think this was still in production! My mother wore this, and colormechris got it right about how she wore it: she *did* bathe in it!

I gave this a thumbs' up, but only due to nostalgia. I don't remember enjoying this fragrance at all because Mom doused herself in it--really too much.

The fragrance and her application totally matched with her giant, bouffant, Priscilla-Presley teased hairdo, giant 30-carat topaz cocktail ring (a lot less expensive than it sounds), and giant hoop earrings. She was tall, slender with long legs, and she was a hoot.

Oh yeah I do have to give this a thumbs' up, even as I remember my eyes watering when she kissed me on leaving for the night.

On the first spray, top notes smell like Aqua Net, and the drydown is bland and thank you.

What can I say? This is just one of the classic fragrances from the 1960's. This bottle sits alongside Bandit by Robert Piguet and Cabochard by Parfums Gres. I love those two, as well as Norell, and wear all three interchangeably. If you want to smell like an elegant and affluent film star, wear NORELL! It is absolutely beautiful and timeless! A+!!! PS-Regarding Bandit, my vintage EDT smells a lot stronger than the current EDP! The new EDP seems to be missing something, i.e., its trademark undefinable mystery note. I've only got half a bottle left on my current bottle, and have an unopened and sealed bottle of Bandit EDT (which I will use very sparingly, or use to "seed" [adding a few drops to another similar fragrance] my Norell and Cabochard).

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