Noorolain Taif 
Thameen (2013)

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Reviews of Noorolain Taif by Thameen

Mild-mannered woody rose that some people claim is similar to Creed’s Royal Oud. I find that a bit of a stretch as the Creed’s charm is a result of understated precision engineering and an overall breeziness, whereas this is merely understated. Despite the elevated materials claimed the end result is pretty basic, with a nice synth wood paired with a thin rose and some peppery spice. Shower gel territory.
Sep 17, 2021

Noorolain Taif is immediately knowable as a rose and an oud fragrance, and a very nice rose/oud at that. Named after the Noor-ol-Ain, famous pink rose hued diamond, Thameen uses two varieties of rose oil with some hard spices + agarwood + cashmere amber base for a soft backdrop for this diamond tiara inspired rose scent. Rose is what you smell at the very first sniff, but expanding nature of this rose beauty is held in place by cold coriander spice, agarwood and pepper. The two rose varieties used are a Saudi taif rose coupled with Damascus Turkish Rose, these are paired with black and pink pepper seeded with a dose of coriander for a dry but cold spice effect to open the warm rose for a moment before settling upon the cool agarwood tone. Below the rose and oud, the base notes almost escape notice with invisible cushy softness of cashmere wood and amber. This fragrance is not big and bold but careful, precise and beautiful. After the opening rose the smell is more of oud and wood. A very nice scent, polite and responsible in character and one of the best fragrance from Thameen.
Jan 27, 2017

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