Nomad / Moroccan Myrrh fragrance notes

  • Head

    • lemon, bergamot, black pepper, petigrain
  • Heart

    • ginger, green bamboo, cardamom, geranium, lavandin
  • Base

    • myrrh, amber, guaiac wood

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Latest Reviews of Nomad / Moroccan Myrrh

A nice, calm and likeable scent for everyday wear for any occasion. Green, orange, bamboo - but all tranquil. A vague image of a middle eastern desert, camel and spice trader comes to mind. A decent go to fragrance if you are after a pleasant, fresh, yet not overpowering eau de toilette.
1st July 2015
Generic, the pyramid of notes looks so enticing and interesting...............unfortunately though after you apply this it seems so boring.
29th June 2015

Not bad, not amazing, just a clean and modern scent.

A nice smelling mix of citrus, woods and bamboo. It tries to combine a touch of the old exotic with a modern influence and overall comes across as smelling just a fresh, clean, modern kind of smell. Personally I prefer the scent "Sienna" by Crabtree & Evelyn but I will say the shaving products for "Nomad" are pretty awesome, even if the Eau de Toilette is just OK.

Either way it's not bad, it's a pleasant one and will smell good on just about anyone.
21st November 2013
A peculiar sweetish, soapy aquatic. A pinch of curry spices gives a touch of the oriental exoticism implied by the name and logo. The 'sandalwood' in the base is the sort that comes from a test tube; an inexpensive scent with an inexpensive smell. One for the impoverished wanderlust-filled student perhaps. Good longevity.
10th October 2012
Nomad is nothing but a clean and fresh traditional masculine cypre with a sort of slightly powdery and balmy cedary dry down. Because of the link citrus-ginger-tea-bamboo the scent smells for a while a bit fluidy, refreshing, aromatic and quiet with a sort of spicy-tropical and lemony light temperament. I smell effectively the calone effect and something reminds me for a while the classic red Ferrari. The juice is very spicy (cloves and cinnamon, may be a touch of pepper) and effectively the smell reminds something like a tasty lemony tea with spicy-exotic and milky nuances. Very "english and colonial"kind with a final plain soapy smoothness. The dry down is more restrained (i mean less fluidy), ambery, woody and conventional. The balance is accurate but the scent itself is a bit too common in perception. Not bad anyway.
9th July 2012
What the hell is this?! An aquatic oriental?! I find this sickeningly sweet and truly nauseating. Nomad smells like Calone mixed with a whopping dose of vanilla and amber. It's like putting tartar sauce on a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.This is not innovative or creative. This is disgusting!MY RATING: 1/10
11th August 2010
Ginger and light spices (cloves?) over whatever they pass off as 'cedar and sandalwood'. As wearable as any drugstore scent could ever manage but sorely lacking in depth; NOMAD feels rather disappointingly bland even by Crabtree & Evelyn standards. A reformulation post-Chapter 11 perhaps?
21st December 2009
Gingery citrus. It's very nice. Along the lines of the ever popular Acqua di Gio and ck One tytpe of fresh herbal fragrances. Very generic in that respect but it ain't bad.
31st October 2009
A decidedly underwhelming fragrance that seemed very unsure what it is trying to achieve. The demented ginger based accord in the opening completely killed my interest in Nomad. The heart notes did become more enjoyable, but given what had gone before, it was not difficult. A poor concept and execution.
28th July 2009
In terms of complexity this scent is one step up from a nice smelling deoderant. My co-worker asked if it was Lomani and said while the scent was pleasent it was also smelled inexpensive - like it was worth under $20. Also it did not last for very long on my skin. Otherwise a clean and fresh scent.
23rd November 2008
To be honest, i think it's the best one of the bunch, and it certainly makes you wonder about the desert's nomads, but not so much the ones of the colder places, but i don't find it too wild, as this nomad seems to be a clean, richer one, maybe even with servants , like a tribe chief of sorts, but it doesn't seem too exotic in any case.The blend, to my surprise, seems to have a better quality sandalwood than the one in their own Crabtree & E.'s Sandalwood fragrance or maybe it's the mix with the other ingredients that make it seem so, it's very wearable as well, it's sweet too, and this guy seems a bit dirtier and angrier than the others,like he's on a mission ... he's very much the hunter.For me, it was one of those "gotta have it now" kind of fragrance.Even though Nomads seem to like being on plains or on vast lands (well, in general) , this scent doesn't seem to bore me at all because there are many layers in it (well, at least on my skin i get it that way) and it seems to move to very different places at a faster pace and it doesn't really give me the impression of being on an open field . In short, i love it too. Seems simpler but it's really not. It has lack of longevity issues.
11th June 2007
Sorry,have to buck the trend here!I find this one very short lived on my skin (blame the sandlewood base maybe). It comes across as very lightweight.
11th April 2007