Noir Tropical 
Maria Candida Gentile (2013)

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Noir Tropical by Maria Candida Gentile

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Noir Tropical is a shared scent launched in 2013 by Maria Candida Gentile

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Reviews of Noir Tropical by Maria Candida Gentile

There are 4 reviews of Noir Tropical by Maria Candida Gentile.

At first Noir Tropical came across as a vanilla soliflore, more of a lacklustre base rather than a fully developed perfume. It seemed like a flatlining vanilla, missing tonal variation and any sense of motion. There was a curious dose of bergamot in the opening sitting rather uneasily atop the rather gummy vanilla chord, after which it looked like it was going to be vanilla all the way, somewhat rubbery and with balsamic support that felt pasty and thick. But an hour or two into the wear, there was a strange evolution resulting in an accord I can only describe as inside of hammam meets carpet cleaning product. Pass.

NT smells like a fresh cake out of the oven. Gourmand which has average longevity and projection. Not a vanilla or boozy monster like a lot of other fragrances, which make this one pretty good. There is nothing that stands out with NT so I gave it a neutral. 7/10

I like the concept, and I got quite surprised once I read the pyramid. This is what I smell here: vanilla, anise, fresh and transparent balsamic notes, a shady and dusty patchouli base with a hint of ambery/cocoa dry sweetness. I am surprised there is little of this and instead there is rhum and citrus – which I do not really smell, at any stage. Fascinating tricks of the nose. However, overall much "organic" and dry, simple, silky and also pleasantly gloomy – so is the vanillin-talcum drydown, aerial and elegant. On the thin line between delicate and dull, sadly dangerously tending more towards the latter.


I introduce my personal examination of the renowned italian niche maison Maria Candida Gentile commenting one of the latest releases, namely this basically gourmand boozy/exotic concoction which manages to remain substancially dry (anyway balanced in its "body expression") despite the vanilla bottom and the almondy/eliotropic stable soul. Noir Tropical has not almost evolution at all, its texture is somehow un-complicated and the aroma talks about liquorous almondy italian buttery pancake. The beginning (shortly durable, a pity) is the most interesting part for sure with its luxurious and neo-baroque naïf rum/bergamot explosion unveiling by soon an almondy/coconutty rising background. The boozy effect recedes soon almost entirely but keeps on counteracting and balancing the following edible balminess preserving a general vanillic balance (the consistency is not properly dry but does not become properly syrupy and utterly dense). I detect also a sort of edible creamy/sugary (italian zucchero a velo - powdered sugar) and vanillic exotic final vibe a La Maison de la Vanille. In my opinion a dark vetiver/patchouli, cinnamon and may be minimal hints of amber and cocoa are included in the recipe. Something lascivious and aristocratic exudes by the general "fragrant" atmosphere, something conjuring rifined ambiences, chandeliers, draperies, precious pictures and valuable crockeries. Not something I would dare to wear but a more than dignified mondane semi-gourmand for sure.

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