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S.T. Dupont (2006)

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Noir by S.T. Dupont

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Reviews of Noir by S.T. Dupont

There are 17 reviews of Noir by S.T. Dupont.

If you know me, you know I'm not a lavender person. Noir makes me love lavender.

The opening is a decadent spiced lavender, highlighted by cardamom, with a breeze of nutmeg in the background. It's sort of like if Intimately Beckahm were a darker scent, it would be this. The clove then kicks in, at first, it's in your face, but quickly settles and blends smoothly with the opening notes. It smells like a spicy grape of sorts. Although tobacco isn't a note, this certainly gives major tobacco vibes, I'd assume from the clove. It also kind of smells like a stripped down, very simplistic Burberry London. Mint is a listed note, but I don't get any, sadly, as it's one of my favorite notes. The hazelnut base is awesome, accompanied by woods and a touch of vetiver.

A masterfully blended fragrance, a bit mature, a bit old school, not entirely original, but very much entirely enjoyable from start to finish. I wish it projected more and lasted longer though. Not to mention, one of the coolest bottles around. Although performance is not the best on me, the fact that 3.3 oz can be found online for about $20, it certainly overcompensates!

Looks good on a shelf--where it should stay.

Generic mess of slightly sweet artificial scents trying to coalesce into a tobacco accord and failing. A monument to why blind buys are nearly always a mistake.

At least it is cheap to buy.

It is easy to dismiss this beauty, an untrained nose will certainly think it cheap. However the creamy, woody, tobacco takes time to enjoy. If you are a fan of Baldessarini by Hugo Boss, you will love this. And it is related to Guerlain's L'Instant de Guerlain.

What you get:
somewhat sweet, creamy gourmand tobacco, hint of chocolate/caramel. Definitely noir but not the black tar burnt rubber type. Works best in cooler weather, classy or dressy environment.

Sub-par department store dross. Most of the money obviously went on the tacky bottle (Like a cigarette lighter! Cool!); it surely didn't pay for the synthetic swill within. If you are looking for a minty lavender, try Centaure by MPG. Granted it isn't as sweet as this; but then there is no bitter pill to sugar-coat.

I had been looking to fill a slot in my wardrobe for a fruity fresh woodsy scent with some spice and luckily happened upon across STD Noir. This well designed and presented juice hit the mark for me and then some. Had the great Xeryusff old decided to recreate itself for the new millenium with a hint more seductive power, then Noir would be that sensual yet fresh creation. Upon testing, Drakar Noir and Xeryus instantly came to mind. After an hour or so, Black XS along with Neotantric Manic Love for men were clearly in attendance, both of which are always compelling and addictive in their own right. It must be that dark fruity yumminess from the blackberry. But whatever the exact notes, Noir is one of those value packed, largely belying its quality, little fragrance gems that takes a place proudly along the niche creations in my collection.

It's fresh and dark...I can smell the "hazelnut wood";'s great... longevity 8 this one...

Strange how several reviews mention mint - I don't get any mint at any stage of Noir's development. Just goes to show how personal and changeable scents are! What I get is a very fruity (blackberry seems to be a particularly strong note) and powdery opening which dries down to a light oriental base with that lovely blackberry hanging on in the background right to the end. Excellent value for money and a 2000s scent which gladly shies away from the general 2000s crowd of oceanics, ozonics and 80s chypre revivals.

expensive scent. don't try ! you found your self elegant in the night in east

It's a matter of chemistry and/or personal liking. I read out here some people saying that this scent smells cheap, that looks common, and worst (a "vil" scent, for example). Well, maybe I'm new in this fragrance world, because I don't share these opinions. Probably because I fell that it is a safe scent for me and, most of all, because I enjoy it very much. I don't get a clear "mint", because it is mixed, but this note add some freshness to the scent, but just at first. During its evolution the scent is getting warm, by the nutmeg I think. But just a little warm, at the point you may use it during your work day, at the office. Longevity is really good. About how the scent works on skin and clothes or fabric, I agree with "argus wishingwell": the scent tend to ge warmer on skin, but remains a little fresh on clothes. Thumbs up!

I wanted to like this one. Indeed, there is something classy to this aromatic oriental. But the first time I wore it I felt nauseous from it. No headache, just nausea. I put it aside for months and tried it again. Guess what? Same result. Something in Noir spoils it for me. Not sure precisely what it is, but at this point it isn't worth figuring out.

This is my first S.T Dupont fragrance.Bought it because I loved the bottle.Wore it for the first time last night for a farewell party.Could still smell it 6hrs after application.Many good comments from other people.I found it very unusual ,definately masculine couldnt smell the lavender too much but got the woods and creaminess.Changed on my skin after the first 10 minutes.Think it was amazing value for the longevity without being overpowering.A lot of fragrances just disappear on my drieish skin.Hate to say this but reminded me of a stronger version of Fire and Ice for men by Revlon which is a U.S drugstore cheapie but I love that also!! Would buy this again.

Thanks to my dear friend Dimi I recently got a bottle... This isn't a knock your socks off your feet blow your head off fragrance, but I'm becoming quite a fan. The pyramid pretty much sums it up, but some notes definately take center stage... first blast to the skin reveals a very dry mint with a gentle backdrop of seche lavender. the mint clears out a bit as the warm spices and soft woods begin their ghost-like ascent. (as a sidenote I am extremely fond of Bois du Portugal, but I am beginning to think I prefer the wood note in StDN at a miniscule fraction of the price) I can't seem to discern vetiver in its final progression, but it does develop a bit of creaminess that could be attributed to the "cashmeran?"... this is definately a proximity scent, as sillage is moderate at best, but the longevity is amazing... after the first ten minutes this beauty is fairly linear, but how can you fault something for continuing to smell beautiful for hours??? I wouldn't necessarily recommend this for evening attire, but I would find it to be a high quality powerhouse for the office or daytime wear, especially in the summer when something heavier would come off as a bit "too much". Thumbs way up, and along with Carven Homme will be the best "value" scents that remains in constant rotation

An excellent evolving and involving Oriental fragrance. The initial fresh Spearmint in the opening recedes briskly, allowing the warmth from the middle notes to take centre stage. This phase is peppery,woody, but still retains traces of the Spearmint from the opening. The edginess of the drydown evolves further,becoming spicier and warmer. This is a very well composed fragrance, and certainly worth a look.

I tried this first around 2008 and didn't like the heavy lavender beginning. I didn't get much of anything after that, probably due to olfactory fatigue, but recently I acquired a bottle in a swap, and I can now smell the drydown, which I like. I get a touch of vanilla (and it's a touch sweet), and the spicy element is obvious, along with a bit of musk to give it some projection. Now there is very little lavender, so the transition is quite striking. At a low price, I'd likely buy a bottle (if i didn't already have any), but I don't find it so special that I'd go out of my way to buy a bottle, unless I got a steep discount (and it's not selling for that much now anyway). The drydown is certainly pleasant, though.

Spicy woody. I don't mind the mint in this. Good for casual wear but maybe a little on the darker side of things for an office.

this dupont choice is meeting all the requirements for the "woody oriental" family. oriental, but not like the crowded streets of an oriental megapol, just like an oriental forest. lavender and mint top is powerful and stays quite a long time with the middle notes. this situation makes noir wearable in every occasion.if you want to feel the fresh oriental side of this fragrance, i recommend spraying it to your collars. because noir tends to get warmer on the skin. very versatile and even sexy fragrance. sillage is ok and longevity is very well on both skin and fabric.and the bottle is so beautiful...officer down!! officer down!!! (but thumbs "up")

as mentioned on the bottletop noteslavander - fresh spear mint - cardamonmiddle notes mace - clove -cedarwoodbase notes vetyver - cashmeran - hazelnut woodvery classsy black bottle and very nice smell i liked it alot

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