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Noir by S.T. Dupont

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Noir is a men's fragrance launched in 2006 by S.T. Dupont

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Reviews of Noir by S.T. Dupont

There are 17 reviews of Noir by S.T. Dupont.

If you know me, you know I'm not a lavender person. Noir makes me love lavender.

The opening is a decadent spiced lavender, highlighted by cardamom, with a breeze of nutmeg in the background. It's sort of like if Intimately Beckahm were a darker scent, it would be this. The clove then kicks in, at first, it's in your face, but quickly settles and blends smoothly with the opening notes. It smells like a spicy grape of sorts. Although tobacco isn't a note, this certainly gives major tobacco vibes, I'd assume from the clove. It also kind of smells like a stripped down, very simplistic Burberry London. Mint is a listed note, but I don't get any, sadly, as it's one of my favorite notes. The hazelnut base is awesome, accompanied by woods and a touch of vetiver.

A masterfully blended fragrance, a bit mature, a bit old school, not entirely original, but very much entirely enjoyable from start to finish. I wish it projected more and lasted longer though. Not to mention, one of the coolest bottles around. Although performance is not the best on me, the fact that 3.3 oz can be found online for about $20, it certainly overcompensates!

Looks good on a shelf--where it should stay.

Generic mess of slightly sweet artificial scents trying to coalesce into a tobacco accord and failing. A monument to why blind buys are nearly always a mistake.

At least it is cheap to buy.

It is easy to dismiss this beauty, an untrained nose will certainly think it cheap. However the creamy, woody, tobacco takes time to enjoy. If you are a fan of Baldessarini by Hugo Boss, you will love this. And it is related to Guerlain's L'Instant de Guerlain.

What you get:
somewhat sweet, creamy gourmand tobacco, hint of chocolate/caramel. Definitely noir but not the black tar burnt rubber type. Works best in cooler weather, classy or dressy environment.

Sub-par department store dross. Most of the money obviously went on the tacky bottle (Like a cigarette lighter! Cool!); it surely didn't pay for the synthetic swill within. If you are looking for a minty lavender, try Centaure by MPG. Granted it isn't as sweet as this; but then there is no bitter pill to sugar-coat.

I had been looking to fill a slot in my wardrobe for a fruity fresh woodsy scent with some spice and luckily happened upon across STD Noir. This well designed and presented juice hit the mark for me and then some. Had the great Xeryusff old decided to recreate itself for the new millenium with a hint more seductive power, then Noir would be that sensual yet fresh creation. Upon testing, Drakar Noir and Xeryus instantly came to mind. After an hour or so, Black XS along with Neotantric Manic Love for men were clearly in attendance, both of which are always compelling and addictive in their own right. It must be that dark fruity yumminess from the blackberry. But whatever the exact notes, Noir is one of those value packed, largely belying its quality, little fragrance gems that takes a place proudly along the niche creations in my collection.

It's fresh and dark...I can smell the "hazelnut wood";'s great... longevity 8 this one...

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