Nocturnal Poetry 
Prin (2020)

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There are 2 reviews of Nocturnal Poetry by Prin.

Nocturnal Poetry is complex fragrance making it hard to describe but the complexity is part of its beauty. There are dark background elements such as coffee, frankincense, leather and cumin that are blended into a dry, dark but rich background mixed with dry earthy parts like hyrax, Civet, tobacco, hay and leather - quite a dark brew underneath but in the background. Soft floral rose absolute and champaca lift and bring an airy aliveness to the density. Other bright bits of contrast arise from cool violet, a sharp turmeric note, and an elevating musk note reminiscent of the Mriga (Prin). Beeswax has a warm exotic presence that is present throughout. The end result is a complex perfume that is slowing changing through its life, and smells somewhat different whether you sniff up close or from a distance. I enjoy Nocturnal Poetry, but it is not my favorite from Prin and is slightly feminine at times which is strange considering all the dark notes employed. It reminds me of a subtler version Nishane Afrika Olifant but with much greater subtlety from a wider variety of similar ingredients. Exotic!
Jan 16, 2021

Nocturnal Poetry opens with a dry beeswax and warm cumin spice tandem with underlying supporting oud before slowly moving to its heart. As the composition enters its early heart the dry beeswax and warm cumin spice focal tandem remains, joined as co-stars by very strong warm, animalic, musky hyraceum and supported by dull rose and slightly fecal civet with the initially supporting oud hanging around for most of the heart phase. During the late dry-down the beeswax and cumin finally vacate, leaving remnants of the diminished hyraceum to couple with soft, moderately animalic musk as co-stars with supporting rosewood from the base adding balance through the finish. Projection is very good, as is longevity at 11-12 hours on skin.

I was a bit worried initially when I applied Nocturnal Poetry on skin, as the beeswax and cumin spice combination comes off as very dirty and somewhat animalic from the off. I am not a fan of dirty cumin spice at all, as it frequently presents itself like body odor, and unfortunately it does so here. Luckily, while the composition starts off rather dirty and unpleasant, it gradually recedes as dull rose in the heart balances the cumin, beeswax and musky hyraceum as time passes. By the time the composition reaches its late dry-down, the animalics while ever-present, are smoothed out considerably sans the cumin, swapping in rosewood to balance them perfectly despite their strength, never letting them get out of control. The bottom line is the $190 per 30ml bottle Nocturnal Poetry can be a bit hard to handle early-on, but Mr. Lomros deftly balances all the animalics and dirty spice with careful attention to yield a "very good" 3.5 stars out of 5 rated effort that ultimately impresses and is recommended.
Nov 21, 2020

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