Noble Vetiver fragrance notes

  • Head

    • red pepper
  • Heart

    • clary sage, vetiver
  • Base

    • Leather

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To my nose, this is a very clean vetiver, despite the spicy notes. The opening gives me a very clean and intense vetiver note. I really get nothing but vetiver, but I wanna believe there is some bergamot there. As it dries it becomes more woody, sadly, I do not get the red pepper, though I do get black pepper, and it's pretty mellow, taking a back seat to the vetiver. The pepper smells more like cedar wood, or possible sandalwood, as you know in some instances, both of these woodsy notes or more particularly Iso E Super, can give off the black pepper vibe.

I don't think it stands out enough from other basic vetiver's, notably Guerlain Vetiver, to warrant a purchase. Longevity and projection are not the greatest, for a vetiver based fragrance. In a nutshell, this is simply a more complex version of Guerlain Vetiver.
13th February 2019
This lightly spicy vetiver has a lot going for it. In another review (for Guerlain's vetiver) I rated it above a number of other vetiver scents for several reasons. The opening is a mild, greenish lemon - which makes sense as vetiver is related to lemon-grass - along with a burst of pepper. Spray this on your wrist and within minutes you will have a private little sun-drenched hay meadow alongside fragrant, peppery flowers over a delicate gourmand sage aroma. It's simply delightful.

The base is the fragrant leather of a woman's floral scent-infused leather jacket, which together with the vetiver and pepper produces a spicy woodiness. It's not a weak scent, but it's not overpowering.

On my skin at least, a lot of vetiver scents can have a metallic tinge producing an overly-sharp tone, but Chopard's offering remains softer, rounder. The relatively sparse and simple blend of complimentary notes allows the vetiver to shine in its best light.

The affordability alone of Chopard vetiver is an attraction, but not the only reason for recommending it as a chic, refined scent for a warm evening in late spring, summer and autumn.

Sillage is gentle yet discernible and longevity is admirable from just a few sprays. A definite thumbs up.
7th February 2016

Sorta like Tommy Ford's G. Vetiver, innocuous. Though I do get a lot more sillage and life out of T. Ford's Vetiver.

If sillage and longevity was a higher priority to me then this might get a neutral rating.

Noble Vetiver, to me, has a distinct pepper note. The pepper makes it spicey and of course the vetiver is up front with the leather somewhere in the background.

Some folks may compare it to Atelier's Vetiver Fatal but Fatal is a bit more velvety or smooth and not so spicy to me.

Noble's downfall is the short life span and short projection. You're gonna have to go heavy on the spraying.
28th September 2015
A truly beautiful creation.NOBLE VETIVER is a comparatively light scent to be splashed all's fresh and woodsy,with the underlying warm notes that come vetiver and the scent stays on skin for a long time without becoming cloying. masculine,elegant, exciting,harmonious, woody,smooth and modern.

As the name suggests,the fragrance revolves around the fragrant accord of vetiver,which meets refreshing bergamot and cardamom and soothed by a woody base notes of leather provide an air of masculinity to notes of fresh clary sage and's mood is both natural and elegant.

NOBLE VETIVER can be worn year round without problems,especially in the spring and autumn.the bottle is elegnt and gorgeous as reflectsthe scent.a perfect choice for a dude who like less heavy my opinion this EDT is seemly more attention indeed.
24th May 2015
Vetiver 101. Slightly sweet and actually a little soapy (not a bad thing ) on the initial spray. Don't see where this could be disliked. For the price, this is pretty good. 7.5/10
4th April 2015
Excellent vetiver that reminds me very much of Tom Ford Grey Vetiver. Noble is a rich, peppery vetiver, with hints of leather in the dry down. Excellent sillage and longevity.

At a fifth the price of TF GV, it's a great deal.
10th March 2015
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