Cacharel (1998)

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The crystal-like, spherical flacon, not only contains a scent with notes of coffee, musk, peony and coriander, but also contains a pearl!

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Reviews of Noa by Cacharel

There are 41 reviews of Noa by Cacharel.

A very different softness. Not of the warm kind like oriental softness, but cool musky softness, like Those princesses wearing a silk light blue dress in a winter setting. Very lovely. I wish performances were a bit better though.
Nov 14, 2020

NOTE: GREAT SCENT BOTTLE FOR THOSE WITH ARTHRITIS, my 98 y/o Gram can pick it up and spay, and being a lighter scent is a benefit, as aging has dulled smell sense to where uncertain when 'enough' is 'enough'.

It is a lighter scent than I usually wear, and at fist try, I barely got anything but a comfortable clean with hints of something else.

Tried again,and sprayed more liberally and what a difference! It has almost no sillage on me. It is fall here, and this scent feels like putting a lightweight shawl that had been my Gram's --always white florals or her--on a cool day. Interestingly I think it will make a crisp and cool summer spritz after being out in heat and humidity.Would make a good office scent, close to skin and 2-5 hrs on my skin.

The price is quite inexpensive, and after that first burst of aldehydes? and floral/peach. I smelled minimal coffee. It's also a fun bottle.
Oct 28, 2020

I get mainly musk and peony scents, and the coffee barely noticable on me. It's very soft and gentle, clean yet creamy, somehow feels like Lanvin Oxygène without pepper. It dries down quickly into a body scent which is very pleasant in spring and summer. Unfortunately the longevity is around 3 or 4h, a little bit too short for me and the sillage is very close to skin. By the way, the bottle is funny with the little pearl swimming within. The colour and the tranparency are well chosen for the perfume.

Originally written in 2013.
Nov 18, 2017

I'm never sure if I really like this one. It is certainly pleasant, clear but not over simple. However, I, the lover of all things crisp and sparkling, find this a bit too sharp (aldehydes?) at the beginning. It never becomes a love for me, but I wear it sometimes because it has something about it. I think it may never be love because it just smells perfumey to me, definitely soapy, and has something of what I'd imagine a French laundry would smell like. In fact, there's something very French about it. It's incredible value for money too!
Jul 19, 2017

To me this is simply stunning. It's one of my current favourites even though it is not the kind of fragrance that I would usually gravitate towards.

There is something so calm, soothing and ethereal about Noa. It's soft, forgiving, clean and very feminine, innocent but not girly.

I was concerned about trying this when I read the coffee note because I can't stand the smell of it but I couldn't detect it at all. The white musk is prominent, along with jasmine, lily of the valley and peony.

Very good projection, very good lasting power (nothing usually lasts more than a couple of hours on me but this remained detectable all day).
Sep 22, 2016


Lovely is one word to describe the presentation of this me it has sentimental values.i can imagine someone of more romantic bent or more classical femininity enjoying it a is evocative of a bright spring day. Romantic,Clean, Soft,Classic, Fresh,Floral,Unobtrusive,Delightful and Soothing.

The opening is sheer pleasure to the senses of peony,freesia,green notes and above all musk on a soft and delicate heart notes of ylang-ylang, jasmine and lily-of-the valley.finally a soft and clean base notes by sandalwood, coffe and vanilla makes feel like in heaven and gives you feel young and pretty.i expected something deep and rich of this composition.

It is still pretty and innocent enough for a very young girl though perfect for wedding day and any romantic is also light enough to wear to the office or anywhere where you come into close contact with others as it is not overbearing.suitable for is a all purpose scent.if you are looking for a safe and not overpowering everyday scent,you may want to consider this.


Longevity?Average on my skin.

Jun 2, 2015

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