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La Parfumerie Moderne (2014)

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No Sport by La Parfumerie Moderne

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No Sport is a shared scent launched in 2014 by La Parfumerie Moderne

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Reviews of No Sport by La Parfumerie Moderne

There are 6 reviews of No Sport by La Parfumerie Moderne.

Stardate 20171025:

Spicy Rose Patch combo.
I think I like this one. There are a million rose-patchouli combo but this one has an extra dimension to it. There is leather(more like Suede) that makes it more"modern".
The leather is not seuderal or birch but Cuiron type.
Maybe it is the Geranium-Vetiver combo giving this accord.
Up top there is some citrus although pyramids don't list that.
I like this fragrance - a modern day rose-patch that has great longevity and sillage

No Sport is a basic rose-patchouli concoction with a facelift that includes a note of hay. The rose-patchouli blend is of the fresher variety, comparable to compositions like Eau de Protection. There is also a nice dose of geranium in the mix. No Sport is initially floral with a hint of aromatics, before the patchouli takes shape. It is clean and brisk, with a cool aura. The patchouli has some similarities with the same note in Zegna's Javanese Patchouli. I get none of the tobacco, while the hay lends a dry, grassy and green aspect. While No Sport is quite engaging for the first hour, it comes across as possessing an insubstantial dry down as the composition seems to unravel a bit. Additionally, it exhibits average duration on skin, but is quite muted beyond the first couple of hours.

No Sport is eventually disappointing, especially considering the perfumer, the fanfare, and the market segment that La Parfumerie Moderne appears to cater to. It is categorised as unisex, but there is a vague metallic harshness initially (perhaps the geranium) that might be unattractive to discerning women. Also, quality wise it appears to be half a notch below Cuir X. Anyone contemplating No Sport is strongly recommended Eau de Protection / Rossy de Palma. The Etat Libre d'Orange offering is a fresh rose-patchouli with a dose of geranium, but is substantial, interesting, engaging and eventually compelling.

2.5/5 (neutral)

Man....I really like this! I don't have anything that smells remotely like No Sport, and despite the note pyramid it's far from your standard rose/patchouli fragrance, which I generally despise and would want nothing to do with. This is aromatic in an airy, crisper sense, lead more so by a spicy-sweet geranium and damp hay combination than rose itself. Rose it at the heart, red, soft and sweet but it's fairly quiet, and the fragrance radiates outward, more about what's floating around the edges than at the center. There's something almost edible about this, like a cold spicy candy or gum. It's kind of mouthwatering, but at the same time very much a fragrance to be worn, not eaten. The patchouli is of the clean, earthy variety. I think what I like most about this are these elements here: It's spicy, but in a cold and aromatic way, with a cool affect. It's also sweet but in an atypical style--relying on geranium, patchouli and almond instead of your standard cinnamons and vanillas. Finally, it's unique, but not odd or off-putting. It will come across as intriguing, but not disturbing. The ingredients have a nice quality. While it's a reserved scent, the ingredients don't feel insubstantial or thin. Instead they're somewhat understated, while coming across smooth and confident. I find the same quality in Annees Folles, so it could be something inherent to La Parfumerie Moderne, an understated quality, quiet but complete. No Sport has signature scent potential due to its difference and a certain ease with which it wears. In general it seems versatile as far as the situation, and well-suited for any time of the year, though I think it would probably shine most in the spring. Anyway, I'm glad to have been recommended this and in turn do the same. The only reason I'm not recommending it as a blind buy is because it's on the quieter side. Those expecting something bigger and bolder may be disappointed. But still, I can't imagine anyone disliking the way this smells. It smells so good, and is a peculiar little departure from most of what's out there. Thumbs up.

Final note: The fragrance name, "No Sport" is based on a famous quip from Winston Churchill. When asked what he attributed to his long life he responded, "Absolutely no sports, just whiskey and cigars." Whether or not its creators also gave it this name as a way to juxtapose it against the recent inundation of redundant "sports fragrances" is not certain,though it would definitely seem fitting

Intriguing in its opening; the patchouli comes in quite early, which is unusual; it is accompanied by a fairly clean vetiver that adds a brighter note, as it is a vetiver lacking significant earthiness, at least initially.

A floral interlude in the drydown, mainly base on a pleasant geranium impression, leads to an equally interesting base: dried summer grass with almonds adding sweetness, the patchouli now darker and adding a nigh oak-mossy edge, with a gentle whiff of fresh blonde Virginia tobacco added in towards the end.

Performance is limited on my skin with soft sillage,
Limited projection but nonetheless a satisfactory longevity of seven hours on my skin.

This scent is pleasant in spring, a great concept well executed but more a skin scent on me - good for the office. 3/5.

What a surprise guys!!! Immensely beautiful hyper modern (but classic in inspiration) floral-spicy-mossy (neo-chypre) fragrance with plenty of fresh-barber shop rosey class, a somewhat fluidy texture and velvety (suede-tobacco-musk veined) intrigue. The weird disorienting name, No Sport, does not render justice to this work. Really original, sensual, musky, velvety/dark fragrance, full of herbal, floral, earthy and mossy nuances. I detect a secret classic chypre feminine refinement supported by oakmoss, floral/woodsy notes, something secretly musky/animalic and by inebriating almond (providing a liquorous sort of intensity as combined with luxurious floral patterns, with something sharply "fruity-viney-pomegranate like" and may be with citrus). There is an intense dominant floral mossiness all around which elicits sparks of rose, violet, jasmine and geranium, all surrounded by an impenetrable amalgam of dark patchouli, vetiver, "viney tobacco" and galbanum. Something really classic seems each time to jump up from the abysses of memory but finally it seems I fail to root up (and qualify) the specific fragrance swirling in my "olfactory reminiscences archive". Anyway La Parfumerie Moderne No Sport is basically a structured musky-floral with a rosey barbershop laundriness, a silky-velvety core of galbanum, suede, a touch of resins and un-toasted (blond) tobacco. In my humble opinion a minimal hint of frankincense is included in the blend in perfect harmony with musk and rose.

P.S: Finally I manage to have the "illumination", in my opinion No Sport shares several points of connection with an unfortunately discontinued gem still standing on the shelves of my mum's bathroom, namely the intriguing (less intense and more properly rosey-laundry) and spicy Onde Mystere by Giorgio Armani.

No Sport (lovely name) opens with a terrific geranium note on a soft, velvety, refined sandalwood-suede base, aerial and dusty, with a dense fruity-edible heart provided by red pepper. Extremely contemporary and silky, with a beautiful base of balsamic-mossy and balmy notes (patchouli too?), at the same time soapy and floral with a hint of carnal rose. A vibrant, crisp and extremely sophisticated blend, quite nondescript too, as it basically smells like a fresh, renovated, more rarefied and contemporary take on some classic fougère accords. Extremely clear and crisp, for some extents it reminds me of that "new wave" of contemporary niche scents which revisit the fougère heritage - fragrances à la Roja Dove (Fetish pour Homme) or Jul et Mad (Amour de Palazzo), just with less leather, but with a similar crisp and ultra-modern sophisticated elegance. Back again also Corticchiato's signature hay-mossy accord, a dense note with a slightly more restrained and light personality if compared to most Parfum d'Empire scents, but still detectable – a nice "home feeling" for fans of this great nose. After a while the suede accord gets also a spicy accord of saffron and cloves, and it slowly morphs into a terrific suede-tobacco note, mellow and satin-like, but also dense and slightly humid, with that sort of wet-woody-fruity aroma of tobacco leaves. This would have easily been my favourite scent of the line, except for... the red pepper note, which to my nose, is slightly too much "there", and for too much long. If you like this note instead, then it's deal. Apart from that personal "con", this is a terrific scent, utterly refined and pleasant. As for Désarmant, materials and composition are out of question – top notch quality.


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