No. 5 L'Eau fragrance notes

  • Head

    • lemon, mandarin, orange, aldehydes
  • Heart

    • Rose, oxygenated jasmine, ylang ylang
  • Base

    • vetiver, cedarwood, soft and cottony musk notes

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Latest Reviews of No. 5 L'Eau

I love Chanel No. 5 L’eau!!! So then I also purchased the same in the red bottle, for some reason the scent only stays for not even 5 minutes and you can’t even smell it. Not sure why. Maybe just a faulty portion of parfum in the bottle I received. Either way I really love Chanel’s line.
18th February 2023
I am often torn on which modern No°5 I enjoy more… Eau Premiere created by father Jacques Polge, or this one… L’eau created by son Olivier Polge. They really do both bring a modernized take to one of the most classic and recognizable fragrances ever created. And L’eau, feels like the most stripped down and minimalistic version. But in no way do I mean that as a negative. I think this fragrance is insanely gorgeous, and just so easy to wear and love. It’s light and effortless. Aldehydes are presented in a way that I think could make them trendy again. The aldehydes, the citrus, the clean florals and woody notes… this is just perfection.
14th January 2023

This smells wonderful....the Chanel #5 heart without the blast of aldehydes. Wonderful drydown with a sandalwood note. I wish this came in an eau de parfum or parfum form. This does not strike me as unisex.

Two thumbs way up
17th November 2021
The smell of romantic love.soft, airy, modern and wearable version of the classic.the colour of the juice and the bottle elegant's Chanel lines says it all;pastel, elegant,'s crisp and fresh like the arctic and is very white. but there is something about it that makes it quite sensual as well.the aldehydes are tinged with a neroli, bergamot accord, the florals are signature N.5 and the base is soapy and vanillic.that's what resolute grace with nice manners and a calm, gentle smile would be like,i think,if grace had a scent.

It opens up with citrus freshness and the clean opening of the aldehydes the bergamot starts the unhurried floral heart and surprisingly even-tempered aldehydes lighting altruistically from within,a broadcast of silky glow over a base of moonlight. it's glorious flowers the ylang ylang, roses and jasmines are so well end up in it's fine talcum powdery has a very floral/ soapy feeling, very fresh and clean as if you just stepped out of the shower.i would have liked a bit more signature in the dry down though, it really moves far away from the original in that stage;but still compared to recent launches and terrible flankers of masterpieces,No 5 L'Eau is a lovely addition.sillage is moderate at around arms length and longevity seems moderate at around 4-6 hours.
26th September 2021
I truly adore this scent! Just got a full bottle 2 weeks ago and I've already used one third of it...
Absolutely perfect combo of fresh floral, sweet powder, and soft citrus. Unisex in style, but I would say a bit femme for most men-- as a 50 y.o. male dandy, however, it's right up my alley! Superb!
17th April 2020
Citrus-infused aldehydes. The aldehydes seem less toxic than original No. 5. This is fresh and it sparkles. The rose and jasmine bounce around, as ylang ylang adds a little bit of "earthy" bits and fresh-rain sweetness, I'd guess I'd state...
Ylang becomes more pronounced for me, as it settles.

The base is rather gentle. Whiffs of cotton and light vetiver appear. It's a lovely flanker of the original! It's suitable for a work environment, as it is a bit more delicate...
Light cedar later, which mixes with cotton and then, the cedar remains awhile.
12th August 2019
This has the most flawless blend of aldehydes and citrus notes that I've ever encountered. Both are present, but precisely in perfect harmony.

Aside from that, the heart is recognizably No. 5, yet more fresh, more delicate. The drydown veers from the original, and its kin Eau Premiere, with a lack of vanilla. It's more of a musky, dusty smell.

Anyway, packaging is flawless, perfume itself is flawless, nothing not to love.
25th June 2019
Quintessence of eau.
Ylangdehyde absolute.
'Flection's rare 'Fraction.
12th August 2017
For me, the citrus top notes barely last two seconds before being overwhelmed by the aldehydes; the type of aldehydes that to me make the fragrance smell "turned". There's also an overly synthetic, plasticky feel here for the first half-hour. After this, the aldehydes dissipate leaving a creamy, floral accord, which lasts a good long while. The florals are hard to pick out, but on sniffing closely I do detect a pale, silvery iris, & a lovely, fresh rose. There's a lot of clean white musk in the heart, & in the far drydown the citrus resurfaces along with a biscuit-like note, giving a faint impression of lemon cookies. The whole lasts around eight hours before fading.
I can see how this one might be regarded as inoffensive, perhaps even elegant, & for the most part I agree. But the quality of the aldehydes here are a deal-breaker for me. I found much more to enjoy in Eau Premiere, & that, not this, is the one I'd consider buying.
15th May 2017
I'm rather new to the idea of layering different colognes and perfumes and this was my first successful go at it. I told the young lady in the shop where I purchased this that I really love unique fragrances and am not afraid to wear so-called 'feminine' fragrances. She told me to test this one out, and bless her heart, said "it has something in it that they use to embalm people - what is it called?" And I said "You mean formaldehyde!?" She said "Yes! That's it." So I HAD to try it. I got hit with a HUGE opening blast of aldehydes (she was Western European and her grasp of English was obviously not good, she thought it was 'formaldehyde') which, on my skin, has that unmistakable smell of Paper Whites - those tiny white flowers your Grandmother would let bloom in her house in the spring that smell repugnant if you stick your nose in them. That lasted about 5 minutes and I thought, "Maybe I sprayed too much on - let's ride this out and see where it goes." Ten minutes later that wonderful rose started coming out, with the vetiver right around the corner and I was HOOKED. Full bottle purchase. The first time I wore this out in public, however, a friend said "Did you just hug an old woman??" Again, the Paper White thing, I suppose. So I had an idea right then and there to layer this and I have done that ever since. I spray L'Occitane "Vetyver" ( pretty much a one-note but very quality Vetiver fragrance) and then this Chanel No. 5 l'Eau on top. It takes the aldehydes down a notch, and makes the vetiver last much longer. A personal triumph.
3rd January 2017
When I heard about this launch I was worried, when I smelled the fragrance I knew that my worries were justified.

Some time ago Jake and Dinos Chapman caused an (intended) uproar by displaying some Goya prints they had bought and then scribbled over, in the way a child would scribble in a book. I feel that this Chanel palimpsest is a similar "work". The faint shadow of the original masterpiece struggles to make itself known, but has not a hope of succeeding. Most of what made Chanel 5 what it was has been removed, leaving just a vague impression. Then to make quite sure that it is possible to ruin a once great fragrance, there is added a dollop of something so sweet and synthetic that one sniff induces tooth-ache.

This is vile and Chanel should be ashamed.
4th December 2016
Chanel No 5 L'Eau opens with plenty of orange, which sticks around instead of simply disappearing after the opening. The florals are light and not very distinctive and the luscious sandalwood is nowhere to be found. The aldehydes murmur instead of screech. Eventually, a light, powdery iris shows up and saves the show; the perfume starts making sense. The dry down isn't a generic aquatic musk–it is that beautiful trademark iris.

27th November 2016