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Chanel (1921)

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No. 5 by Chanel

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Reviews of No. 5 by Chanel

There are 206 reviews of No. 5 by Chanel .

I wanted to love this "classic," but found the aldehydes unpleasant; on me they create a raw, ragged impression, as though the formula is unfinished somehow. No. 19 works better on me, but overall Guerlain has Chanel beat for sophisticated, complex, feminine fragrances.

Chanel is indeed timeless, as my Mother always wore it, ever since she was in her early twenties. It does and will always remind me of her.. and I do like it on myself, although it's not my favorite. I just put on some of the bath oil, it's just exquisite-- although I cannot say why I enjoy this version better than the parfum... *Takes a deeeep breath*

As Serpent said, this is the alpha and omega of fragrance, so to speak. Chanel No. 5 is one of the most innovative fragrances, if not the most innovative fragrance, ever created. It's shaped and changed the entire industry. Brilliant, and absolutely timeless.

This review is for the Sensual Elixir. Lovely scent! Very delicate, feminine and simply gorgeous. I do not care for regular No. 5, as it turns into an overpowering mess on my skin. Elixir is totally different to me, with the florals dominating (mainly iris to my nose). I was told that the notes are supposedly "reversed" in this version (whatever that means).

Someone has to present an alternate perspective from the previous reviewers', so I'll stick out my perfumed neck and say, "Ick." It's the aldehydes. I'm certain science will eventually describe the olfactory apparatus that translates aldehydes into an enhancing experience for some, but I lack that bit of biology and thus am instantly repelled. Don't think less of me, please!

WOOF! What a dog, I cant understand how it can still be so popular today. I was really looking forward to trying this scent, and ordered a sample off the internet. The aldehyde just smelled like so much powder and dead flowers. Just a couple light sprays and I reeked - I have to admit it has staying power! I was also suprised by how little it happened to develop over time - I expected something more dynamic from such a star.

Because scents are linked so closely to memory, No. 5 is therefore recognizable by almost everyone. Almost any individual has had a grandmother, aunt, sister, friend, or acquaintance that has worn the fragrance. Yet despite its universal appeal and ubiquitous presence, this is still a timeless fragrance. It smells of a world in transition: let us remember it was created in the age between the two world wars. It was an age of cynicism and ambiguity, but also of great experimentation and artistic creativity. Chanel No. 5 is a classic precisely because it conjures up an age gone by while speaking to the expectations of today. It's warm and earthy undertones of vetiver and sandalwood mingled with jasmine and the wonderfully ambiguous aldehydes make this fragrance as complex as our modern lives, and yet the fragrance still achieves an austere simplicity in which every woman can make it her own. Layer it, wear it, and cherish it as the ultimate accessory.

When I wear Chanel No. 5 I feel elegant, confident, and extremely feminine. This fragrance doesn't have a defining note that screams out proclaiming it's presence, rather, it melts into my skin, surrounding me in a sensual cloud of beauty. Even if I'm not dressed to the nines with perfect lingerie and fishnet stockings, No. 5 makes me feel like I am! The drydown is incredible, and the lasting power, even of the edt, is very good. Chanel No. 5 is wearable art.

No. 5 has become an institution ñ and as such it is sometimes hard to actually enjoy it as a perfume.However, a close look at the genius construction of the Parfum Extrait reveals a harmony that deserves more attention besides being a classic or a trend setter.It is actually a work of art in the same way that Chanelís fashion design has reached the heights of being an art form and at the same a concrete, useful piece of clothing. To prove so, one must re-think it without being bound to olfactory memories and collective subconscious schemes that evolved around this perfume in the last 8 decades or so of its existence (i.e. the first perfume-fashion association; confident business women in pinstripe suits, Marilyn Monroeís bedtime fragrance, etc. etc.).A woman should wear No. 5 as if it was created for her alone, and she was the first woman on earth to wear it.No. 5 is a truly feminine perfume, and is not bound to anything else but pure feminine beauty. It contains flowers, but does not smell quite like a flower garden. I believe Ernest Beaux definitely fulfilled Chanelís dream of creating a perfume that will help women to smell like themselves, not like a flowers.To my nose, No. 5 smells sweet and ambery, and is both sensual and seductive in a subtle and sophisticated way. The most dominant accord that comes forward on my particular skin is that of ylang ylang, amber and civet. It radiates a feminine warmth that when worn with confidence can be highly appreciated and enjoyed by both the woman who wears it and the people that are allowed to be close enough to smell herÖTop: Aldehydes, Bergamot, Rosewood, NeroliHeart; Ylang ylang, Rose, JasmineBase: Amber, Civet, Sandalwood, Vetiver

Agree with the above review. No 5 is the ultimate in fragrance. Best bottle design of all time. Best scent of all time. I also enjoy how all the different formulations smell different. From the parfum to the cologne. I particularly enjoy the parfum and the EDT. I feel that the EDT is much sweeter. I also like the new Sensual Elixer and the lotion. I own multiple bottles of all the formulations and can't get enough!

I wonder why number 5 is a classic... Well, it is a simple woody-floral fragrance enhanced by many aldehydes. It is clean, sometimes soapy, but it is all... I think it is very very demodÈ...

Delicious!!!!!!!!!and men go wild !!!

One of my favorites! Use sparingly, as those aldehydes will announce your location from miles away if you over-indulge. I never buy fragrance for the bottle design, but this one still has one of the coolest designs I've ever seen. To call this fragrance a classic is the understatement of the millenia.

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