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Nino Cerruti's original male fragrance. Difficult to find.

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Reviews of Nino Cerruti by Cerruti

There are 27 reviews of Nino Cerruti by Cerruti.

Remember me a little insense ,this is more oriental smell. Great ,one of top ten men.
Apr 20, 2019

I had picked up a mini of this that's an original composition. It came in this promotional 'book' from Sears of all places which included 4 other minis. It was a janky coffret meant to resemble a book that was covered in a silk screened white and brown hounds tooth and when you opened it, all of the minis were displayed. It had included a Lanvin for Men, Kouros, Equipage, YSL Pour Homme and this. On the back of the faux cardboard book there was printed a 1982 so bonus for the full Kouros, but this review is all about this masterpiece of a perfume...

I've worn that sample down to smithereens, bought an original formula full flacon and here's me thoughts.

This perfume is awesome, ridiculous awesome to be exact, in fact so awesome that I'm going to state that this is by far one of the most classy perfumes for Men that I've encountered to date. It opens with what it smells like to walk through the Bellagio gardens here in Vegas for the first 10 minutes, with all of those hundreds of thousands of beautiful and freshly picked flowers, man do I wish that lasted, it's that insanely good. Nino Cerruti quickly dies down to a fairly linear scent that consists of an incredibly smoky and resinuous jasmine flower that's just a smidgen dirty but, this scent is all about resins and jasmine and an incense accord that'll blow that mind. It's really difficult to describe this but it's by far the most masculine jasmine perfume I've ever had the pleasure of smelling and wearing, this is a full on dopamine experience. Not once did I ever feel uncomfortable wearing this, I felt like a man.

It's a yellow smelling perfume with close sillage that's within your personal space, intimate, sexy and the best part, professional. There's this waxy texture to this that just smells so damn good. The jasmine in this is muted quite a bit so it's not a piercing jasmine flower. It's being smothered to death in all of these incense resins and oakmoss which in my opinion is the best part by far. This is a very smoky and resinuous perfume.

I've worn this for a whole week straight that included a full wearing today with suit and tie and my conclusion is that this smell is so far beyond 1979 it's ridiculous. It's the epitome of smelling professional and dressed up. It's a perfume with manners that needs to be worn lavishly as this composition is extremely well behaved. This is an absolutely wearable perfume to the fullest extent that's way beyond it's time. It rides close to the skin with minimal sillage which is a huge plus here so spraying a few sprays onto the neck area and wrists is acceptable. The longevity is fantastic at 18 hours. Nino Cerruti Pour Homme is class to the fullest extent of the perfume law. I approve of this 1000%. Bravo to this, what an awesome smell...
Feb 8, 2018

If you want this sensationeel fragrance back......try Aliage ! Exactly the same !
Apr 25, 2017

The parallel bewteen Nino Cerruti and Insensè is quite clear in my opinion. They're both aldehyde-prominent green / aromatic fougeres with a remarkable floral pattern but whereas Insensè communicates via hints, looks and smiles, Cerruti curses and rarely washes his armpits.


Jan 25, 2015

What a great surprise. Nino Cerruti pour Homme is a really peculiar scent, modern and cozy, with a zesty-green herbal opening, invigorating and aromatic, fresh but dense and rich, floral, sweetened by spices, carnation, rounded with aldehydes and a slight musky creaminess (I mean white musks), almost powdery, with also sandalwood, amber, lavender, balmy notes and a subtle benzoin note providing a darker dusty-resinous base, almost animalic too. At the same time it also manages to smell effortlessly balsamic, almost menthol. The drydown shows more clearly the civet-boisé and ambery sides, always floral and balsamic and slightly talcum too, an unusual juxtaposition between "airy" floral white notes, herbs and musky-dusty hints. Cerruti pour Homme is an ultramodern, clean herbal scent with a lot of surprising accord of nuances going on, from indolic to creamy and floral. Really pleasant, elegant and versatile, sadly quite rare, but it's one of those which are quite worth the chase.

Jul 27, 2014

Opens with a bayberry, cedar-sap, deliciousness. Turns into an evergreen rosin drydown with a slight, sweet muskiness to it. Equally sweet and dry at the same time. Like some pine needles and some dry vanilla. Old school enough to say “I’m an adult”, but deals enough elan vitale to say “I’m a boisterous young kid looking for adventure”. Great longevity. Good daily wear, year round. Got this as a freebie from a Basenoter. Similar to Chanel Pour Monsieur Concentree or Caswell and Massey’s original Greenbriar or their Number Six, minus the citrusy topnotes.
Mar 8, 2013

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