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Part of the 'Belles de Nina' collection.

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Reviews of Nina (new) by Nina Ricci

There are 56 reviews of Nina (new) by Nina Ricci.

I have the 10th anniversary bottle called Nina Pop. It has the same notes. This is a citrus fruity floral that isn't as over-bearing as some. I enjoy the lime, lemon, and apple combo. It has enough peony and datura to balance out the fruit. I don't get any cedar on the base - just a musky scent. The praline-like sweetness makes this somewhat "immature". I don't care. It's fun and shouldn't be taken seriously.
Jun 10, 2018

A tart lemony sweetness descends to vanilla and candy apples.

Tania Sanchez dubs it "rainbow sherbet" and pretty much nails it.

This is for teen-aged girls and as such is fun and fizzy.

Not for adults or those who are afraid of being stared at in public places.
Mar 29, 2016


I admire Everything at NINA,From the scent to the Design and Feel of The Bottle:LOVE. It is very Famous in My Country. In my opinion it Makes Young Ladies seem more sophisticated. Modern,Cute,Romantic,Bright,Joyful, Fruity and Delicious.

A Dramatic and Youthful Fresh Gourmand Scent. It is Fragrant Nature explores Essence of Lime as it is Tart at the Begnining. The Dominant Green Apple and Something Like Vanilla Scent are in the Middle notes and a Simple base of Musk and Cedar brings Allure to this Sweet And Lovely Fragrance.

NINA is perfect for Romantic Occasion as well as the Office Use at SPRINGTIME. it has a touch of sophistication without being too Overpowering. Anyway If you are Looking for a Beautiful Present for a Young Lady NINA is Definitely For you.


Longevity?Good for a EDT.

Apr 23, 2015

The new Nina Ricci is fruity, joyful and surprisingly modern in a deliberately ambery-vanillic synthetic way. The note of peonia (cleverly associated to a notable woodiness) provides a spark of sophisticated "stylishness" while a sort of candied lemon-berries centered fruity wave pumps up the sillage around in a fruity exotic way. There is effectively a caramel/toffee-like vanillic texture along the development and keeping its run till the end of the trip. Really a pretty unpretentious fragrance that you would love to wear along the southern spring time out or for sociable relaxing moments with friends or new people. I see this fragrance more fitting to a young cheerful type of girl on her 25 years but it could be too a nice solution for a more mature woman with a youthful and "playful" spirit.
Nov 15, 2014

Cheerful, flirty and fun. I fell in love with the bottle years ago but found it too expensive on a high school student's budget, so never got around to it. A few weeks ago I rediscovered it on sale and sprayed it on my wrist... instant love. Lovely and fresh and fruity at first with lemon and lime, then settles to a sweet caramel-toffee style apple which remains on me for quite a few hours. Has surprising sillage and longevity for an EDT. Great fun and wonderful for cool autumn days but also on slightly warm spring days.

Though some people have commented this is for teenagers, I disagree. Every person wears it differently - on my little sister who's 14, this smells overly sickly sweet and unsophisticated. On me, I get more of the warmth of the caramel and brightness of the citrus that smells fresh but comforting, and my sister thought we were honestly wearing different perfumes. I guess it's just a matter of testing it on your own skin before deciding to buy it or dismiss it.
Nov 7, 2012

Wouldn't necessarily buy a whole bottle of this, but I do like apple. I don't get much citrus in this except for general lightness, just apple, apple & musk, then apple & flowers with a hint of wood.
Oct 4, 2012

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