New York Oud fragrance notes

  • Head

    • red plum, saffron, oud
  • Heart

    • rose, orris, patchouli
  • Base

    • musk, honey, vetiver

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60% cheap aquatic "woody amber" chemicals
30% strawberry/patchouli/rose jam
10% rubbery oud

In a way, this is terrible, because it relies so heavily on cheap aquatic chemicals, but I have to admit that it smells better than the sum of its parts. Somehow, the mix of chemical buzz and the rubbery smoke from the oud works, while the sweetness of the jam makes it much more wearable than it would be otherwise.

I'll vote neutral, because I just don't like aquatic chemicals in my perfumes, but this makes better use of them than the usual.

28th May 2022
Got a sample of this with a purchase.. it smells the same as every other rose/oud combo. Nothing special, in fact, this one has a very chemical smell in the first hour. Not a fan one bit.
23rd November 2019

Very synthetic fruity concoction with a harsh chemical oud and a prominent rose that makes the whole thing reminiscent of cheap hairspray. I wouldn't buy it even at a 10th of the suggested price.
3rd March 2019
In my opinion this is the best rose/oud combo.

For those that have seen any of my reviews or comments on the forum you will be aware that I'm not a fan of rose. Black Aoud repels me so you can see where I'm coming from.

What I like about NYO is that rose is not overly dominant. There are also notes of saffron & plum which add something extra. The oud is there in the background but never dominates. Smells quite upmarket and expensive (which it is of course). A formal scent that will elevate your mood.

Longevity, projection & sillage are amazing.
16th January 2019
A fruity and very rose flavored synthetic oud...but , a very good one...I really enjoy how this smells on me...a nice touch of honey enjoyable musky patch finish...projection is out of this potent. as the good old powerhouses....longevity is also very like...just caught a nice scent of vetiver working it's way into the mix...
7th December 2018
This is a beautiful and strong fragrance containing a very wearable oud. Light on the trigger for the office. Great smell (plum and oud), longevity (10+ hrs), projection (3+ feet for 3-4 hours), and sillage (leaves a long trail).

Wear at night to make heads turn.

15th September 2018
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