A range of 16 fragrances for men and women, each representing different districts of New York.

New York Fling fragrance notes

  • Head

    • bergamot, clementine, cardamom
  • Heart

    • peony, basil, muguet, freesia
  • Base

    • musk, sandalwood, cedarwood, jasmine absolute, amber

Latest Reviews of New York Fling

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I'm pretty sure this is the one my ex bought me that I tried a couple times... he thought it would be like a fresh scent to wear to work and it was in that sense very less intrusive than what I normally wear. However, I just felt like I got out of a bath of Absolute Citron. Didn't really get my kicks but I'll be sure to try the other scents and maybe I'll find one I like.
19th November 2014
There is a glaring omission from the notes above for Bond no 9 NEW YORK FLING: ginger. In fact, to my nose, this is a light gingery citrus with only very faint florality. I have no idea why this is categorized as a fragrance for women, as it is as unisex as they come: right down the line between masculine and feminine, very ambiguous, all in all.

I reviewed NEW YORK FLING at The Other site about a year ago, based on a sample vial, and now having acquired a bottle and worn the fragrance on several occasions, I feel even more confident in my claim that this is not a floral fragrance. I wore NEW YORK FLING to my dentist appointment today, where I was scheduled to have a filling replaced and was quaking in fear that it might be one of those "simple filling turns into a $3K root canal + crown"-type scenarios of which I've heard so much, but fortunately nothing of the sort transpired. What did happen was that my dentist went crazy over NEW YORK FLING. Here were her words: "You smell so good: is that perfume?" My response: "yes." To which she replied, "You smell like you just took a shower."

I rest my case. QED.
13th July 2011

What a gorgeous fragrance! Could Spring be bottled? I think so! New York Fling captures it about as well as anything could. Fresh, soft, warm ... deeply romantic. If you don't care for most of Bond No 9 fragrances, I urge you to try this one. It's definitely one of the best. Totally unique, my new daytime fragrance, it has no trouble carrying you right through to the evening and wee hours. But then again, she's a New Yorker, so we shouldn't be at all surprised ... it's in her blood.My very finicky, "all natural" aldehyde-hating cousin, who made a "yuch" face at just about every fragrance I've ever introduced her to, absolutely LOVED this. I think the quality of the brew was something her nose just honed right in on, without actually having any knowledge whatsoever how truly pure Bond No 9 perfumes are. You can really tell when they use only pure ingredients, which is all she will ever wear.
24th April 2008
At last...A floral without sharp notesm powdery notes, or migraine-inducing traits. This is sparkling, flowery, delicate, and tastefully subtle; it stays close to the skin. It smells like a spring garden. When I first spray it I smell citrus and flowers, and, as it develops on my skin, I smell more flowers and light musk. NYFling is an elegant fragrance that works for eveningwear with a little black dress, or daywear with a crisp white sundress. It's charming, and easy to wear.
13th January 2007
This is a great everyday floral scent for me. Any floral at all usually ends up making me cringe, but I think the warm basenotes keep it from being too sharp. I have several of the Bond No. 9 scents, and this is one of my favorites.
4th April 2006