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Slumberhouse (2016)

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New Sibet by Slumberhouse

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Reviews of New Sibet by Slumberhouse

What can be said that hasn't been said? After researching another scent using this same note I've found it goes way back to ancient rituals. The ram musk usually taken when the animal is in the rut produces a definite animalistic touch in this? When giving this a try be prepared to defend your doe and yourself. Its territorial for sure.

I'm giving this one a neutral strictly because it's a clone of Iris Silver Mist by Serge Lutens. If you haven't smelled it I'll describe it like this.... it smells like carrots, lipstick, a women's makeup case or just plain 'old' Iris... this isn't a unisex fragrance. This is a women's fragrance. Why do these perfumers continue listing these fragrances as unisex? (possibly because they like to wear women's fragrances) It's mind boggling to me... I'm convinced that Slumberhouse's darker colored fragrances are truly male frags and the lighter colored frags are definitely for women.

No originality in this one, sorry. Iris Silver mist clone. It's expensive either way. I'd go with a cheaper Iris scent if you like Iris.

If you want a nice male frag from Slumberhouse try Jeke, Norne or Sova... Ore is probably the only true two way frag.

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