New Musk Man fragrance notes

  • Head

    • lemon
  • Heart

    • plum, lily of the valley, jasmine, rose
  • Base

    • vanilla, sandalwood, musk

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Plum at the start. Some light floral notes. Very delicate. (I am sampling the oil, by the way.) I detect more of a musk, than anything else. A soupcon of vanilla. A smidge of sandalwood. As this IS oil, this is more of a skin scent. It does blossom a bit more, so to speak, outside in fresh air.
23rd November 2018
First of all, I want to thank Buysblind for giving me the sample which introduced me to this gem. Very clean and fresh smelling. I noticed musk is the last note in the pyramid, and it's definitely the last when you smell this fragrance. At one point you get a citrus vibe then you get a fresh vibe. Very safe IMO. Actually, I'm going to purchase a bottle right now. :-) 8/10
11th April 2017

I held onto my sample far too long before trying New Musk Man, one of a few colognes to follow his original Herb Man Cologne.

It is, first of all, musky, but not in the heavy sense of older musks nor in the sharp sense of an Egyptian musk. It's a bright, fresh, sweet musk. The plum and vanilla make it a mix of almost a boozy and desserty sweet, but very subtly sweet, mixed with jasmine, rose, and of course some citrus at the opening. The result is an appropriately-named fresh, new take on the concept of musk, and despite its name, it's not exclusive to men, as I imagine this would smell good on most women, as well.

Like Herb Man, performance isn't bad for a named "cologne," either, though Jeffrey clarifies that he uses the term "cologne" to be consistent with the US vernacular for men's fragrances and it's not a specific designation for concentration, so this is, in my estimation, an EDT.

The cologne is reasonably priced, at $65 for 100ml. I need to try the perfume oil as well, which is $45 for 30ml.

7 out of 10
23rd June 2016
Luminous, clear, translucent and lucid....these are some words that immediately popped into my mind upon smelling New Musk Man. I know that 'plum' is the fruit note that's listed in its pyramid, but to my nose it smells like a fresh apple with maybe a little pear as well. And it's not that synthetic apple note that's so common among men's aquatic and fruity fragrances; it's a very clean, light apple note with an ethereal sort of anti-density. My nose may be interpreting the wrong fruit, but I don't care--I think it smells great either way. As NMM evolves the musk completely pushes toward the forefront. It's a clean, sturdy white musk, and combined with the white floral elements and fruit smells like some kind of wonderfully fresh soap, or as the reviewer below, du57in says, a "nice shampoo." It really does.There's a sweet jasmine note and even some rose, which brings some warmth and color to all of the white. They're subtle, but present. I've smelled many fragrances intended to smell super-clean, and most focus on some variation of neroli and citrus fruits, or a white musk and iris combination that often feels too formal and dressed-up to suit my style. There are some good ones out there, but these themes have been done to death. New Man Musk takes a different approach and it pays off. We end up with something unique that also smells good. This will be an easy wear for any man looking to smell clean and well-groomed. New Musk has very good longevity, lasting well throughout the day, and its projection is calibrated just right. Thumbs up!
7th June 2016
This one goes on citrusy and soapy clean and quickly settles into a soft, slightly sweet skin musk. It's really a nice scent. Don't let the "Man" part of the name fool you, this can just as easily be worn by a woman. It's just a really well done skin musk scent, perfect for those days you want something with a quiet, comforting presence.
13th May 2016