François Demachy: 

The New Look femininity often inspires me. I wanted to compose a perfume in which rose and jasmine unfurled, like a skirt with an outrageous quantity of fabric and a narrow, slender waist. Heady Tuberose fully expresses this whirling vivacity.

New Look 1947 fragrance notes

    • tuberose, ylang ylang, iris, Damask rose, Sambac jasmine, peony, vanilla, benzoin

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(and somewhat less enigmatically...)

This sleek scent is gorgeous and elegant, but in a very approachable and disarming way. A bright, seamless, ethereal floral melange, softened with benzoin and vanilla to a white and yellow, fluffy, cloudy, but not quite powdery blend, that feels utterly devoid of corners. There is a hint of fire in the benzoin, but everything else keeps it cool and cheerful. My sparest description is a floral vanilla, with neither aspect predominating. No justice in such a curt description.

I loved this in the boutique, but didn't really perceive it correctly at the time, and felt it a bit too femme to wear regularly. There is a timeless retro modernity to it that is very enjoyable. Consider wearing this on fabric rather than skin - the amazingly bright central accords last forever. Alternatively, my skin seems to make it a bit rosier, more "orange" and complex - not bad, either.

As in Chanel Gabrielle, tuberose is beautifully "rounded up" by the other florals, but with further pacification by vanilla and benzoin, this tuberose becomes even more unisex.

There is a floral(ish) vanilla in my collection, beloved by many of the Basenotes ladies, which connects these two reviews. It's a keeper, but New Look 1947 tempts.
7th May 2021

Smells like perfume. Benzoin and flowers seem to balance here. It is wonderfully crafted. The flowers and benzoin are somewhat moist, but ultimately kept in check with the powdery iris. Sort of the skin out of bath then hit with talc feeling. All that floats on a soft vanilla. Pretty feminine, so you gotta like that sort of thing. Its a smeller. One of those you just want to keep burying your nose in. The blending here is great. It doesn't smell synthetic. Ingredients smell good. Nice translucent body. Middling projection. It is more of a polite frag that is just letting you know it is there. Middling longevity. As it dried it lost its benzoin and florals in about 5 hours to become a vanilla scent mainly. This has distinct phases and developement. The heart smells the best to me. The opening is pretty floral, heart balanced, base vanilla. I dont enjoy pure vanilla bases much, but this is not meant for me. It is very expensive, at $220 for 4.2 oz. Still, its a small thumbs up. That middle is really good.
1st May 2020

This is one I only discovered because of a free sample I received with a purchase and I'm glad I did. It is one of the scents that made me rethink my dislike for tuberose (turns out I love it).

This, to my nose, is a good humoured, sophisticated, well-behaved lemony tuberose; its more sleazy and heady aspects neatly covered by a fine dusting of powder. Underneath the prim and proper exterior lies a balmy, almost resinous warmth of vanilla and benzoin, which keeps the scent from turning too preppy or icy. At times this warm base reminds me of Ormonde Jayne's Tolu.

In my line up of tuberose scents, this is the most well manicured one; one you can take home to meet the parents, shall we say. It's also one of the few tuberoses that works better in colder weather.

13th January 2020
The early stages and mid of this are nice and can smell like a men's version of 31 Rue Cambon. Into the base, it loses some luster, and smells like a less-inspired version of Dior Homme Intense.

Thinking back on what I wrote above, and on Darvant's review, I like the quiet confidence of the base of New Look 1947. As we speak, it has survived the discontinuations of several from early in this line. It's slightly daring, but careful not to offend.
7th July 2018
I'm a man and this may be my favorite of the privee line (perhaps a toss up with Mitzah). It's a very good creamy floral. I'd say it's about 60% creamy and 40% floral.

I get a feminine vibe whilst wearing it, but it's definitely a unisex perfume. If I could afford a full bottle, I'd buy two.
11th August 2016
Beautiful jasmine and iris with a rose touch. Feminine, but I would wear this in a few situations. Beautiful fragrance. Another beauty in the privee collection. 8.5/10
17th March 2015
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