New Bond St. fragrance notes

  • Head

    • bergamot, pepper, lily of the valley
  • Heart

    • cocoa, coffee bean, chestnut
  • Base

    • patchouli, vanilla, sandalwood, leatherwood

Latest Reviews of New Bond St.

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Sweet and spicy, mildly bitter. Leans more earthy than gourmand, especially in warmer temperatures. Heavy dose of patchouli, true soil vibes. Hippy coffee shop delight.
14th March 2023
This fragrance is a re-release of another Bond no 9 fragrance in a different bottle with a much higher price.

Who remembers I Love New York for All in a black bottle? A discontinued Superb Gourmand fragrance for winter that can be found online...

Having said that, you must be a hardcore perfume enthusiast to wear this as it may have the effect of a nuclear explosion on your nose if you are a sweet 16 starter on the fragrance universe as the juice is strong. However, you must try it out for yourself to decide...

I personally love it!

Thumbs up!

PS. Micallef perfume house has brought out an almost identical fragrance called “Secrets of Love - Gourmet” where the cocoa note is replaced with incense as aroma chemical so the olfactory experience is rather weird; I prefer the Bond concoction by far. I very much doubt that Jean Claude Astier is the perfumer behind this Micallef fragrance.
6th March 2020