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Nevermore by Frapin

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The fragrance is inspired by the Edgar Allen Poe poem The Raven.

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Reviews of Nevermore by Frapin

There are 6 reviews of Nevermore by Frapin.

The Scornful Woman by Egon Schiele 1910

No, no, no. Opens with that sharp chemical opening in Black Aoud but doesn't develop into nearly as good a fragrance, and that synthetic magic marker thing stays throughout. Frankenrose

The opening blast combines floral notes, a gently spicy pepper and a good lashing of aldehydes - a lovely mix of freshness and softness, spiciness and darkness. Soon in the drydown the rose roses and rises - a dark Damask impression, but not very velvety but nice. Not very fat, more a slim and contemporary take on this olfactory blossom.

After the rose things get considerably less interesting, with the base donators by a somewhat nonspecific woodsy/ambery crenwith a reasonable saffron thrown in. This phase is more on the average side.

I get moderate sillage, good projection and five hours of longevity on my skin, the last couple of hours being taken up by the somewhat unconvincing base notes.

A pleasant spring scent initially that is marred by the less convincing latter stages. 2.75/5.

So, I have been trying to get my hands on Frederic Malle-Portrait of a Lady for sometime now and have not generated enough dollars for it yet. However, I believe I have found its equivalent-Nevermore. This is some AMAZING stuff and I love it! It opens with this buttery sweet peppery aroma that's really smooth; not mention the undeniable, unforgettable rose as in POAL and then there is the dry down; nutmeg and slight musk feel, warmth that symbolizes exquisite taste; I think this is (I hate to say it) almost better than POAL in my opinion. Thanks deadidol for the notion of similarity between the two. Overall, great projection;
great sillage;
longevity is great as well nearly 6hrs in and still going strong!

If you get your hands on this....enjoy, because I am!!!

Nevermore, where have you been all of my life?

This is a super-fizzy aldehyde with some bitter, citrus-like notes upfront. It's definitely rose at its core, but it's doing more than what you might expect from a standard rose scent. There's a psychedelic feel to it–a shimmery kind of prismatic haze–but the opening is the most gripping part for me: it's extraordinarily vibrant–perhaps to the point of silliness–but after that, it does become a bit mediocre. The aldehydes go flat; the rose just sort of hangs there, and a schlocky synth-wood base sheepishly emerges.

The Poe reference is a tad confounding though as it's far more of a bright, modern thing than what the name infers. It's certainly not a dark rose in the way that Gotham is a dark rose, and, in fact, I'd be more inclined to describe it as a dayglo affair. It reminds me a little bit of Malle's Portrait of a Lady with an even more amped-up opening (yes, really). It smells like what I'd imagine it would feel like to be dressed head-to-toe in glow sticks or perhaps have LED lasers blasting out of your skin. A great Warheads-style fizzy opening followed by a standard-fare chemical cedar.

If the words aldehydic and floral make you think about big feminine fragrances of the past, then you have to try Nevermore because this is neither an old school composition, nor a feminine one. Not at all. I'm a big fan of both old-fashioned fragrances as well as big florals but this thing here, it's not what you would expect after reading the notes. I'm generally not obsessed by gender classification but sometimes there are fragrances that I find particularly suitable for a specific gender. Well, in this context, Nevermore leans definitely towards the masculine side of the spectrum in my perception….and it's extremely modern.

It opens with a blast of green and sparkling aldehydes supported by woody-spices (nutmeg and pepper). A pretty common accord for those who are familiar with brands such as Comme Des Garcons and the likes, but so well executed to immediately catch my attention. A sort of non-floral rose breaks in and, together with saffron, introduces a darkish, kind of leathery note. The rose(s) here, which represent the real essence of this fragrance, have very different different and opposite facets ranging from pale and transparent to dark and woody. With all the due exceptions made, I'm generally not a fan of rose-centered fragrances but Nevermore is really so easy to like while the light/dark juxtapositions going on throughout provide quite some entertainment.

My only concern is about the drydown which compared to both the striking opening and the entertaining middle-phase, feels a bit too…generically woody-musky, maybe? Probably not something I would go out of my way to get a bottle of but if you like modern masculines with a twist, give this a chance because it's very nice. Decent projection and good lasting power.

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