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Reviews of Neutron by Ajmal

Perfumery in the eastern world is very different form that of the western world. I love so many of the wonderful traditional oil based perfumes from that part of the world. Neutron however is something different; I think this is something that has been contrived to emulate a western fragrance for sale to the youth in there homeland, possibly to enable them to somehow present as being more fashionable, modern or worldly. The numbers of this type of product has increased dramatically in recent years. I can only think that the great perfumers from eastern lands would laugh at the attempts of western perfumers to recreate or work with the ingredients that they have used for thousands of years.Neutron just doesn't work in any way shape or form, it together with it's formulation should be banished to the bowels of the earth for eternity!
Aug 12, 2010

This harsh, boring and highly synthetic fragrance for men is widely available in the Middle East as a drugstore scent deceptively contained in an upmarket bottle and packaging. I received a 100ml bottle as a gift, but after using it just once was delighted to dispose of it to my undiscerning 13 year old nephew as a free present. far I think I'm still in his good books for now…
Dec 11, 2009

Obviously fresh and light on the musks, this lasts a loooong time for a fresh scent. What's really intriguing is the florals. They are not over-the-top like in women's perfumes or masculine floral fragrances that have flopped (Givenchy Insense comes to mind). No hiding the fact here that this is simply what the pyramid says: fresh citrus florals and musk. Great casual wear.
Oct 6, 2008

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