Neroli Woods 
Banana Republic (2018)

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Neroli Woods by Banana Republic

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Neroli Woods is a shared scent launched in 2018 by Banana Republic

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Reviews of Neroli Woods by Banana Republic

There are 4 reviews of Neroli Woods by Banana Republic.

This fragrance is nice...and that's about all I can say about it. It doesn't smell cheap or harsh, but it also doesn't have that X factor that keeps me wanting to come back and smell it. Not offensive but not terribly appealing either. Maybe it's just that neroli doesn't work for me as a main note like it is here. Whatever the case, this is one Banana Republic fragrance that rarely makes it into my rotation.

Very unisex, citrusy-floral, cologne style (4711, Neroli Portofino) scent. If you like those scents, but want something in-between, this could be a good match. Similar to both but is slightly different in how the scent smells and performs. I find the smell lacks a richness found in the Tom Ford but slightly better than 4711.

The performance is a mixed bag. Longevity is actually very good, lasting 8 hours. However, the projection is light, so spraying liberally is needed.

It's a very linear, somewhat minimalist neroli bomb, with a smooth composition that pushes the classic neroli eau de cologne style in a contemporary and masculine direction.

The quality on this is far beyond the pricepoint, with a high quality neroli note sitting above a woody base. It's clean and direct and masculine, but never sets a foot wrong.

Neroli Portofino Acqua on a budget. A hair less woodsy than the Tom Ford, but still quite smooth and lovely. Easily unisex, much like its big brother.

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