Neroli Portofino Forte fragrance notes

  • Head

    • neroli, bergamot, blood orange
  • Heart

    • lavender, basil, galbanum, orange blossom
  • Base

    • leather, woods, musk

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The neroli of the original version, together with an orangey sideline and amply lathered with the traditional bergamot in the opening blast - again the theme is a summery and refreshing set of top notes, but brighter and more upliftingly fresh than the original.

The drydown shifts gear into a floral-herbal direction, with lavender and basil dominant, although touches of thyme and galbanum are also evident; the latter continues along the lines established by long lines of olfactory tradition.

The base adds a nonspecific woodsy notes together with additional elements that are mainly constituted of white musks that are not particularly sweet.

I get moderate sillage, good projection and six hours of longevity on my skin.

This flanker is refreshing and uplifting again, but a bit more intensive and a lasting a tad longer that the original. The base is a disappointment and too generic at the best of times, but the rest is done nicely in a traditional sense. Based on the slightly better performance this one - just - makes it into the positive realm. 3/5.
20th April 2019
This opens with a slightly greener, deeper, less sweet/more sour, more masculine, and more citric version of the Tom Ford Neroli Portofino/4711 Eau de Cologne scent. As it dries down it smells mainly the same. I don't really smell any leather. Projection is moderate while longevity is only slightly better than the regular Neroli Portofino, like only an hour more. So overall, it's nice but not amazing in my opinion.

3rd February 2019

I totally love this. The only problem is it's expensive. Really expensive. It's very versatile - light enough for the summer days in jeans and a white linen shirt or t-shirt, classy and deep enough for something formal in the evening. Beautifully floral but balanced with leather, herbs and woods to make it more than wearable for men. To my nose, it's in the same vein as Habit rouge and Acqua Colonia Essenza, but brighter and a bit less stuffy. It smells like the sun bouncing off the ripples on Lake Garda in a light breeze. It's 4711 that lasts all day and well into the night.
26th January 2019
A deepening of the original Neroli Portofino by Tom Ford.

The Forte version, which is an EdP like the original, lasts longer on my skin, and it tends to have a tangier sensation (the blood orange) and some more depth (with a good dose of lavender herbal presence). Basil is a welcome additional fortifier in the Forte version, with its fresh edible spiciness.

By far, if I were to choose between this and original NP, the Forte version would win out. Both are generally similar upon cursory sniff, but Forte uses fewer ingredients achieving a practically better performing job for the money (though it IS pricier than the original, Forte feels more effective in the end).

26th September 2018
Vase of White Roses by Vincent van Gogh
4th June 2018
Neroli Portofino Forte pumps up the fruit flavored cereal vibe. This smells more like Heeley's Oranges and Lemons say the Bells of St. Clemens now than the original Neroli Portofino, which has the more soapy aspect. I like this one, but not as much as the original. If you want the sweet fruit aspect to be more up front than it is in the original, then this might be the answer you've been looking for. A thumbs up, but not worth buying when I already have Neroli Portofino.
17th May 2017
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