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    • chocolate, vanilla, patchouli

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Gorgeous dry cocoa and patchouli. Quite reminiscent of Guerlain l'instant pour homme extreme. Beautifully blended Neonatura offers a warm cozy experience with a little bite in the opening. The patchouli is creamy rather than head shop earthy. It amazes me that Yves Rocher can produce such a stellar scent at the price. Freely available here in the UK. I've only just begun to explore this company and thus far am really impressed. Eryo for men is another great offering along with the womens Comme un evidence edp. Bravo!

By the way there may be confusion in the translation of notes from the Yves Rocher webshops. There is no Coconut here, it is Cocoa.
23rd December 2012
I adore this fragrance! It is warm, comforting, yummy, and sexy all at once...a GREAT winter scent. Its name is perfect, and so is the bottle...comfortable and wraps around your skin like a glove.

For the first two or three hours, I really get the coconut flavored with an enticing vanilla/patchouli mix. After the coconut starts to fade, the drydown is soft and lingering.

I am amazed at how well composed this fragrance is...could easily be very over-powering (a lot of fragrances with coconut and/or patchouli are to me), but it is so beautiful and has the best of everything! A touch of fruit, a bit of gourmand, a hint of spice...perfect to my nose.

I would also like to add that a few years ago I bought a perfume oil from Victoria's Secret with some tropical theme, I can't remember the name of it. (Tahitian Vanilla or something?) Its note were mostly vanilla & coconut & patchouli, and in VERY small doses I liked it. Neonatura Cocoon reminds me of a refined and much more beautiful version of this.

28th March 2011

Oh my goodness! This is horrible! This was actually recommended to me by some lovely women on makeupalley but, phew my body tolerated it for 5 minutes and that was hard because it was so strong and ridiculously sweet and very generic, nothing special here. Oh wait, I lie! There was something special to this fragrance and that being that after a short time, my battle for survival began! The scent went from disgustingly sweet to just.... well, disgusting. It quickly became repulsive and just desperately clung to this quality like its life depended on it. I don't get any cocoa from this. I get something that I assume is supposed to represent the coconut but fails and I get a very nasty vanilla scent. I didn't know there could be such a terrible vanilla scent! Here I am being repeatedly assaulted by this fragrance and I can't file charges! Call this the anti-medicine. Designed to make you ill. Excuse me while I go throw up.
19th January 2011
Dislike! I bought this one blind because I was sure I'd like it. I love incense, woody-spice, tobacco, and everything that was supposed to be in Cocoon, but it really only got dollar store incense. It was strongly synthetic smelling, but I couldn't even smell it on myself after ten minutes. A friend could, though, and she gave it a thumbs-down too. Pity I bought a FB. It's true what they say: Try before you buy!
9th April 2010
Does anyone think there's a note of tobacco in there? Obviously there's patchouli and coco - not sure about tobacco but maybe. I'm with Zhara8 on the oakmoss - definitely there. I love the scent - problem is that it gives me a headache pretty consistently so I'm trying to find a like alternative that's not Angel. http://www.casadeolivia.comhttp://twitter.com/heathersh
25th November 2009
The best of the cocoa-patchouli numbers out there. Angel is of course the most famous, but in my humble opinion, too sweet and reeking of that mass-market artificial smell that gives away the fact that the stuff is synthesized by the tanker-truckload. So too, B&BW's Chocolate Amber, which may or may not claim a patchouli note, but is clearly in the same "non-candy cocoa" category.Neonatura Cocoon on the other hand, has the dusky cocoa mystery done just right. In fact, the mystery is minimal, and it even dares to be happy, and just a tad comforting. Dry, dark cocoa powder and oakmoss, softened with perhaps a bit of musk? The patchouli is of the best quality, traveling as a mature and well-mannered companion to the other notes, not the attention-seeking eccentric that it can sadly become in other frags.Definitely appropriate for everday wear, non-offensive for the office, and unique enough to make people turn their heads inquisitively.This could easily be a niche market fragrance, poured into a more interesting bottle and saddled with an outrageous pricetag. Il Profumo's overly complex Chocolats would have some serious competition if that happened. Instead, Cocoon cheerfully defies expectations for it's cost, and delivers a clever and unique treat for mere pennies. hrm. At least Yves Rocher is in France. I guess we can forgive it for being affordable as long as it makes up for that sin by being French.
11th November 2009
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