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Did I really have
Champagne in a zen garden
Or was it a dream?
6th March 2020
Top: Black Currant, Mandarin, Bergamot, AldehydesHeart: Plum Blossom, Jasmine Tea, Japanese Cherry Blossom, Bamboo, Dossinia Orchid, NarcissusBase: Cedar, Oak, Tonka, Orris, OudTakasimaya opens with tangy bergamot and juicy dark berries. This is very good fruit: it is very fresh, not heavy, good enough to eat and lovely to wear. This softens into a blossom cloud, which quickly deepens into a most interesting incense note. Is it sad or merely introspective? I wish that note stayed longer. The oud is quite lovely, not medicinal in any way. But like clouds on a sunny day, the scent clouds part, and there is a bright sappy-green bamboo note. The scent ends on a somewhat sweet aldehydic and bright iris-floral note, I don't get any of the woods.
12th September 2009

Neil Morris for Takashimaya New YorkI just am enraptured by this one. Neil Morris has created his first scent for Takashimaya in New York at the end of 2008. This scent feels like the synthesis of many themes I have enjoyed in previous scents by Mr. Morris. This also manages to evoke the asian esthetic of the store, Takashimaya, this is made for. It starts off with the fizz of aldehydes, currant and bergamot. The aldehydic fireworks are beautifully offset with the currant and bergamot. Then the floral heart of this comes alive with cherry and plum blossom combined with narcissus. All of my favorite Neil Morris scents contain narcissus in them. This time he lets it support the very asian mix of cherry and plum blossoms. The base is cedar and bamboo and the mix of these two notes ground this with a woody base that feels perfect. This scent reminds me of a Japanese garden in spring as the trees are full of blossoms. It is another winner from Neil Morris for me.
1st March 2009