Nebula 1 : Orion Eau de Toilette 
Oliver & Co. (2013)


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About Nebula 1 : Orion Eau de Toilette by Oliver & Co.

Reviews of Nebula 1 : Orion Eau de Toilette by Oliver & Co.

There are 5 reviews of Nebula 1 : Orion Eau de Toilette by Oliver & Co..

My word, this is odd. It really seems to have a life of its own, and I've only really dared to try it on the testing strip, on which this review is based. Orion starts off with molten rubber and plastic, and really rather nauseating, but then morphs into a hesperidic freshie - for a while. It then moves into a woody phase before concluding with some quite nice florals, accompanied by printer ink and paper (although that might be the testing strip). So far from a completely negative experience, but little to tell me what kind of "experience" this should be.
Apr 30, 2018

Oh, God by Mahmoud Farshchian
Oct 5, 2017

It says Avant-Garde on the box, and I guess it is. Nebula 1 or Orion is unlike anything else. It has a strange chemical opening - something like the smell of a clinic or maybe medicated bandages. It's not unpleasant but it's hard to know if I want to smell like dry-cleaning. It has that addictive feeling of one of those chemical smells - I remember in my childhood loving the smell of the paper in some Christmas cards - it's hard to say if they were perfumed or I was just smelling the printing ink or glue or whatever. Orion also gives me a feeling in my mouth of breathing something chemical - a sort of tacky (in the sticky rather than kitsch sense) feeling/taste.

Again, is this a perfume? I guess it must be as it's sold as perfume, but it's certainly different.

I'll report back on its progress - I don't even want to look at the notes list as it's so odd - I'd rather surprise myself at the end of the day - somehow I don't think it's any common combination of the usual suspects!

Update: It gets softer and more pleasant as the day wears on, but still odd! Just checked the notes list which doesn't narrow things down much - I don't think I've ever seen so many listed for one perfume!
Jun 15, 2017

Oliver&Co Nebula 1 is the epitome of the olfactory weirdness (at least for a consistent trait of its development, which is enough anyway to sound in terms of risky experimentalism). The previous Colin Maillard's review is spot on about it. Yes, Nebula 1 is for long abstract, extremely rubbery, futuristic and industrial (a scent like Comme des Garcons Odeur 71 jumps on mind for its "xerox toner plastic" dominant vibe around-- it seems to detect a birch tar presence for instance--overall counteracted by a lingering aromatic-musky-barber/shop more classic aura). The "civet/aromatic and soapy notes accord" is classically chypre in structure (with an elegant bright woody powder not so far from the ones of pillars like Helmut Lang Cologne or Giorgio for Men by Giorgio Beverly Hills). Anyway the plasticity is in the air for a while and this is a distinctive trait of this Oliver&Co's creation. The note of civet (and synthetic castoreum too) provide indeed a classic salty/powdery organic vibe (which smells anyway dry, white-powdery, freshly balsamic, soapy and hesperidic). The dry down is gradually more "white", softly vanillic (somewhat balmy-soapy) and "tamed" (the rubbery accord recedes yielding the stage to a cool aromatic rosey-chyprey powder with an almost vintage-poudree outfit). This final stage is quite aromatic, anisic, "pencil-shavings-like", barber-shop, distinguished and enjoyable (somewhat talky, vaguely honeyed and rich by powdery woods, inebriating saffron and aromatic green notes), I find this phase really sensual, virile and organic (the classic Paco Rabanne Pour Homme vintage formula jumps on mind too for several of its soapy hallmarks). I detect a floral presence (along the base) which is quite "yellow" (champaca and jasmine in particular), honeyed, talky (violet in particular) and "pollen-oriented" (dusty and botanic) while the massive orange blossoms presence (never properly orangy) expresses itself in terms of green-hesperidic (more lemony and talky than orangy) muskiness. I can anyway see how the wearer could be inhibited by the longly "metallurgical" stage. A little surprise and a "thoughtful fragrance", go further the misleading opening, you will be rewarded.
May 14, 2015

The opening of Nebula is peculiar, fairly close to some nu_be or Etat Libre d'Orange scents (that is, close to Antoine Lie's style): a sort of aldehydated, pungent, rubbery and "gassy" nebulose surrounded by decaying and sour green notes, on a sticky resinous base accord. Futuristic, industrial, rancid and ghastly, not exactly "heavy" but more morbidly embracing in a – frankly – unpleasant and cloying "cloud" of grey, green and black shades. It may be fascinating, but honestly, it stinks like something you expect coming out from a pipeline, rather than being carried around by a person. As minutes pass it becomes a bit more human and earthy, the structure of citrus, green notes, civet and vanillin becomes sharper and clearer. The civet note is quite bold with its stale and sticky animalicness. A sort of gloomy and postmodern "abstractness" is still there, just less bold than before, so that you can distinguish better the main notes. Quite linear with basically no evolution except for that initial passage towards a clearer citrus-green-civet structure. A peculiar scent, quite unpleasant and unwearable to me, but fun to smell as a "smell" itself – not amazing, though, just funny, as it's not exactly the first scent around exploring this kind of notes and accords. Personally I dont' get much the point and the use of such "theoretical" stinky scents, but perhaps it's just not my cup of tea.

Aug 7, 2014

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