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Navy by Dana

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Navy is a women's perfume launched in 1990 by Dana

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Reviews of Navy by Dana

There are 11 reviews of Navy by Dana.

If Givenchy Ysatis had a love child this would be it. A perfect scent for ballroom dancing, where you twirl around in front of a wall with antique gold-framed mirrors, admiring your own reflection. Navy shouts elegance, refinement, expensive, well done classic perfumery, but without being old. Decidedly mature, without being elderly, self- aware without being headstrong, classy without being snobbish.

Navy opens the door in a stare-worthy white dress made of jasmine, tuberose, lily and of course the fruity citrus blast. The opening just screams classic 80's at first. Soft yellow flowers in amber, it has sunny happy feel, slightly musky, only tiny bit - do not understand at all remarks like "old-fashioned" or "too powerfull". It's a comforting scent yet makes you feel very feminine and beautiful without that it feels like the perfume is wearing you.

Navy! A warm and comfortable spiced floral. I wore it as a teen and it made me feel strong, independent and grown up. Haven't worn it since 1989. I should hunt some down.

For the record, I'm wearing the cologne concentration, a vintage sample under the Cover Girl brand as opposed to Dana.

This is actually quite nice. It smells mostly of baby powder (like chalky benzoin) with hints of nondescript fruit and flowers making it sweet. The benzoin creates shades of amber in the base, and there are hints of 70's musk in there as well, but the star of the show is always the sweet baby powder smell.

Navy never smells cheap, but definitely smells dated. The idea of little girls smelling musky is certainly not the current fashion, but as a perfume for adults, Navy is quite fun and satisfying if you like pretty, powdery smells.

The initial burst of citrus fades very quickly, which is a positive aspect for me since my chemistry and citrus is a bad combination, and it settles nicely into a warm and comfortable spiced floral.

This would be a good fragrance for someone who dislikes florals, which I do, because I don't find anything feminine about this scent. It has a faintly woodsy smell but is also a little on the industrial side. I won't be wearing it again but the low price can make it an option for anyone to try.

I loved Navy as a teen. I always felt so grown-up wearing this fragrance, as opposed to something like Sweet Honesty that seemed too immature for me at the time. It was a nice, fresh scent and it lasted all day! While I no longer use it (smells a little on the strong side now), I have fond memories of my first "real" perfume.

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