Navigations Through Scent - Apuldre 
Molton Brown (2011)

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Navigations Through Scent - Apuldre by Molton Brown

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Navigations Through Scent - Apuldre is a shared scent launched in 2011 by Molton Brown

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Reviews of Navigations Through Scent - Apuldre by Molton Brown

There are 7 reviews of Navigations Through Scent - Apuldre by Molton Brown.

Such a lovely green fragrance accompanied with juniper berry that's simply amazing mixed with pepper. The pepper is not too strong or over the top either; the green does not remain completely as the cedarwood drives the fragrance. There is the violet leaf that gives this fragrance a certain stringent kind of a vibe as the storax (essential oil, resinoid, natural resin) gives it a sense of natural (ness). Definitely masculine, can be used by a female if she so desires.

Overall great fragrance with great performance; longevity is about 6-7 hours!!!

A surprise from a brand usually kind of "anonymous" for my taste. An example of quite supreme tartness, an aromatic Ode to woodsy needles/berries-centered accords from deep forests, a juice appointed in order to appeal the followers of a super bitter/grassy/arid (vaguely mountainous) taste. Molton Brown Apuldre opens with a tart/acid/minty accord of juniper berries, lime, liquid spices, absynth, hyper dry cedarwood, pine needles, green citrus leaves (kind of citrus grove's silvan/botanic atmosphere conjuring) and floral leaves (earthy and "lymphatic"). This opening fizzy blast elicits on my skin several of the Comme des Garcons Wonderwood's introducing woody/spicy/vegetal/humid facets (Hinoki jumps partially on mind as well and on its side several Dsquared2, Battistoni Marte Arte and quite partially Dior Fahrenheit). It seems to catch vaguely the wet earth's aroma after rain. I get something vaguely mineral in the air. Dsquared2 Rocky Mountain Wood and partially Gucci by Gucci Pour Homme Sport (finally Trussardi Uomo New and Basile Uomo) jump partially on my moonshiny mind as well for several of their main traits. This "arid" opening is quite sour, almost bitter and at same time kind of peppery in a sort of fluidy-liquid way. Pepper is still moderate on this phase, yet anyway ready to jump later on the fances with a role of co-protagonist. There is a sort of green citric/bitter, aromatic and sharply floral intensity in the air and surely I get this deeply pungent-alkaline accord of violet leaves and aromatic shells. A quite grassy and surprisingly "fragrant" juice under my nose. The general aromatic "kind of lemony/grassy" tartness is almost realistic and surely bracing but at same time subtle and refined. Gradually violet and leather take the scene providing a really subtle cedary combination in which the soothing vibe from leather slightly tames the dominant lemony/floral pungency with a softer more rounded spark of leather/floral/smoky elegance. I can rank this juice among the citric/grassy/woody leathers a là Canali Men or Acqua di Parma Colonia Leather but while the first one (in comparison with Apuldre) smells more properly woody-floral (less tart), structured and 90's in style the latter is an hesperidic leather, quite classic-cologney in genre. Another juice jumping on mind is the far less tart but finally conceptually similar (violet/leather/woods) Arte Marte Battistoni (brighter, muskier and less spicy). Anyway Apuldre, along the way, becomes more and more darker, smokier and spicier, enhancing a sort of smoky/grassy/piquant main vibe (initially overwhelmed by a dominant tartness but finally jumping on the stage). Leather is still present but never heady or notably performing. Anyway this somewhat un-substantial leather is there (just a whiff more than evanescent) enhancing the final spicy sense of warmth (leathery, spicy, smoky, vaguely ambery). Dry down is hyper virile and distinguished on my skin, still lemony/grassy but somewhat elegant, dry, edgy and kind of urban. It seems to get hints of dry-toasted tobacco as well, but still in the middle of a freshly humid/cedary/peppery atmosphere. Really a beautiful piece of moody vegetal virility on my skin. Recommend for sure to all the silvan poets of this even more urbanized world.

Beside their shower gels and some other sporadic product, I'm not much of a fan of Molton Brown's fragrances but Apuldre is a nice surprise despite not being exactly exciting.

A typically *modern-mainstream* green-woody masculine with a violet-leaves driven middle phase that winks both at current Fahrenheit and Narciso Rodriguez For Him... yet way less distinctive than either. Bitter green notes, aromatic juniper and your usual strong cedarwood base with smoky leathery facets. Personally, I'm a sucker for these kind of bases but it's admittedly a bit boring (as in *experienced way too many times*) even if overall nice and decent.

Apuldre opens as basically a sort of greener and fresher Canali Style for men with also a slight connection to both Narciso for Men (the violet leaves) and Lancome Miracle Homme (not sure what, I think that same peculiar feel of “astringent” greenish woodiness). It is a really mainstream-like citrus-pepper woody scent with a round powdery feel, something which reminded me of incense (guess it's cedar), a really slight sort of tobacco-leatherish note, something woody-green like cypress (guess it's artemisia). The evolution on skin brings up a slight variation with juniper and leather (tiny, unsubstantial synthetic leather) as prominent notes. Overall it's a really crisp and enjoyable fragrance, clean and neat, which however hasn't in my opinion the slightest “niche” factor (whatever it may be) able to separate it from the overcrowded “peppery-woody mainstream scents” segment. Decent, but highly neglectable.


Berry delight The opening blast is quite special: the wormwood is typical and the berry notes convincing to me; a great start. The drydown's violet is also very impressive, but then the base notes are a bit shallow in comparison. Still the first half is very good. Average silage and projection, and over four hours of longevity. Fresh for a sunny spring day.

It's not clear to me quite how one would paint a picture of a Kentish pub in scent, so I would ignore the promotional literature straining to put us in mind of roaring inglenook fires, apple orchards, and countryside whiffs. Perfumes would be much diminished (and actually pretty scary) if the perfumer could really regulate our associative faculties, which consist of the senses and above all memory. That said, Apuldre is a marvellous thing, partly because it evolves, and partly because it is so richly associative. It is really three different scents. The opening spritz is where one gets the gorgeously green, juicy violet leaf with juniper, and it conjures, for me anyway, the earthy, germinating smell of a lightly wooded copse in spring in a northern climate, when foliage has not yet fully opened and there's quite a lot of moisture in the ground. This is the most exhilarating smell in the world, and one I wish could be prolonged in this perfume. But like all rare things, it's precious because it's not perpetually available. Francis Bacon (the philosopher not the artist) said that he knew a nobleman who had the servants bring him a freshly dug clod of earth each morning when he woke. He would inhale its scent for health and longevity (the nitre in it was thought to be beneficial). Bacon observes that the scent of earth 'is a great composer of the spirits', and Apuldre captures that delightfully hopeful sensation in its exquisite top notes. But the glorious violet fades quickly, like all sublunary marvels, and the middle of Apuldre is a decent smoky mild leather with cedar notes. This phase is similar to the slightly weirder, more bitter Coze 02, which never fails to remind me of a cold fireplace. The leather of Apuldre gradually subsides in favour of pure smoke, and this is the longest phase. After an hour or so, one is left with a sweeter, styrax-y but not gooey-sweet palimpsest of the original - not at all soapy to my nose, but very pleasant. I have been using this from a sample, and plan to buy it, but, just as one would weary of the militant Englishness of Elgar as daily fare, Apuldre is not an everyday perfume. And why can't they just call it 'Appledore', instead of the cod-French-sounding Apuldre - the cute Domesday Book orthography is mere affectation. Nice work, though, otherwise.

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