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Nautica Blue Sail by Nautica

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Nautica Blue Sail is a men's fragrance launched in 2017 by Nautica

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Reviews of Nautica Blue Sail by Nautica

There are 1 reviews of Nautica Blue Sail by Nautica.

Nautica Blue Sail (2017) is yet another re-use of the original eponymous Nautica (1992) bottle, and yet another attempt to re-invent the original Nautica wheel, by yet another perfumer tasked to bolster the brand's relevance while retaining it's legacy. Nautica Blue Sail is the 3rd overall fragrance to share the bottle of the original Nautica, which was discontinued then re-badged "Nautica Classic" to avoid confusion with the re-launch of the Nautica brand under Coty with Nautica Blue (2006). Nautica already made an extremely vapid Nautica White Sail (2009) nearly a decade back that entered discontinuation (surprise) after a few short years, so if this was meant to be the complimentary fragrance to it, then good job for making the other one unavailable for combo sets (which Nautica loves to use). You really have to be a pretty hardcore aquatic fan to get excited about this, let alone even know it exists, which happens to be my curse for walking past fragrance displays at discounters regularly when shopping on weekends. Once I got a whiff of this stuff, it became clear that Nautica was yet again going through another midlife-crisis, which the Gen-X yuppie sleaze who were in their 20's when the original released are probably also experiencing, thus making this something they'd probably reach for. I can't say it's all bad, and sort of gives nods to the chypre genre while still being an aquatic in it's construction, straddling the space in-between the traditionalist original and 2006's "pure aquatic" Nautica Blue, so at least there was some modicum of thought given by the perfumer.

Orange rind and rosemary are the top notes here, which make this a bit more aromatic and herbal than past Nautica smells in the beginning, but this is no mid-century aromatic citrus and very shortly thereafter we are thrown back into Aquatic Hell with notes of lavender and juniper. Some cypress helps squeak out that chypre-like dryness, making this the crispest aquatic to ever be a part of the main line, but sandalwood, vetiver, and just a tad of sweet white musk in the base tie this in yet again with that soft skin glow which is characteristic to a flagship Nautica creation. Blue Sail definitely feels more like classic perfuming ideas were behind the creation of this than a lot of starkly modern Nautica flankers that have come and gone since Nautica Blue inherited the throne from the original, but I wouldn't exactly call this old-school or even retro because of the woody-amber ambroxan/norlimbanol one-two punch that gives Blue Sail a Dior Sauvage-like scratch in the late dry down. Laurent Le Guernec seems to like classic French accords but then tweaks them with modern commercial replacement notes, such as marrying orange and not lemon to rosemary, and using sweet juniper berry with the otherwise warm dry core of sandalwood and lavender. I think the idea here was to make a Nautica that used contemporary 2010's buzzword materials like ambrox and woody-ambers, because keeping up with the Joneses et al. Wear time and projection are not Nautica Voyage (2006) good, but definitely above board for an aquatic, although Blue Sail is every bit the casual summer fling like most of the line.

Nautica Blue Sail will not amaze, nor will it even impress, and like all the creations sharing this same bottle, will serve just as well as one could hope for a daily workhouse aquatic in the cold white florescent lights of the retail environment most people who wear this will be working. Blue Sail is already a Ross and TJ Maxx discounter special and we all know who shops there for fragrance outside scalpers looking for discontinued gems to flip. Blue Sail is also not particularly charming even as a bog-standard aquatic, but for anyone head over heels for Nautica as a brand, this will be the new cats pajamas until the next flanker comes along probably a year from now, and what I can imagine will be another flagship Nautica scent by the next decade in the same bottle all over. There is something to be said for consistency in lieu of diversity, and one could almost liken Nautica to the AC/DC of active life-themed fragrance: all their releases are built from the same rhythms and power chords, with just a slight upshift or downshift in tempo and key. Blue Sail is a perfectly safe blind buy for the guy who's sworn by the brand since it's inception, or just doesn't want to think about what he smells like as long as he's groomed, and I give that pragmatic mindset some respect, but this one is really just not for me since I already have both Nautica proper, Nautica Blue, and Nautica Voyage. Once you have the Unholy Blue Trinity, everything else coming from this house is just about superfluous. Neutral

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