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Yves Rocher (2000)


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Nature Millénaire pour Homme by Yves Rocher

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Reviews of Nature Millénaire pour Homme by Yves Rocher

Received a small bottle of this in a swap and was delighted with the rich, warm spicy character that is both sweet and masculine. Phenomenal projection and longevity! Now I find it is discontinued production and this is really unfortunate as I could easily see myself wearing it almost daily.

I may tell with all the certainty I will always miss this scent. Why they discontinued producing, I don't really get. It was a dear fragrance of mine. It smelled a real gentlemen - harsh, dry - but still very pleasant and absolutely chic. In fact I finally figured out what it smelled like - there is a spice - curcuma (turmeric) which smells the same - not mentioning the fragrance was elaborated into a truly aromatic scent. MonleyManMatt wrote there is a similar Creed - I just read it and definitely going to try it..As for other similar scents - maybe it reminds somehowe Terre by Hermes (which is unfortunately too obtrusive for me and still not same at all). Also YSL's Kouros comes to my mind for some reason - and I finally get why - it is not just an ordinary I-please-everybody scent which can't be told from a dozen of others but an original distictive smell - a signature of its kind.Somebody - if you find some old half-empty bottle of this - send me please!!!...

Nature Millénaire is an outstanding fragrance. It does take getting used to, but it's worth the effort. It opens powerfully – too strong, actually, but settles down quickly enough. There's citrus in the opening but it is entirely dominated by incense and spices – cardamom, coriander, and cinnamon. The result is an “earthy” scent in the truest sense of the word: it smells like earth. It's a warm, sniffable scent, fulfilling in its earthiness and depth. It has excellent longevity. Why, oh why, was something this good discontinued?

Another great mass market fragrance which now sadly is discontinued. Understandable though, it`s definitely aquired taste.Extrely earthy, top notes smell almost like a beatroot that was just picked off the ground. Drydown is a warm (almost hot) blend of insence, benzoin, cinnamon and cedarwood. Wonderfully deep earthiness remains.Long lasting fragrance that is totally uncompearable. Unbelievably unique.Perfumer : Christophe Raynaud

Actually a great fragrance, just like their recent launch Hoggar, and like many others from this underrated brand.Yves Rocher scents seem to "borrow" from other famous ones (Eryo - similar to Eternity, Hoggar -Boss Soul) but they do it with finesse and are absolutely no total copycats by any means. Having said this though, I must say my impression is that Millenaire was mad glancing at Creed's Bois de Portugal. Obviously inferior qualitywise it still shares a lot of the woody, dry and extremely herbal qualities of BdP. A great scent for a small price.

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