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Natori by Josie Natori

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Natori is a women's perfume launched in 2009 by Josie Natori

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Reviews of Natori by Josie Natori

There are 8 reviews of Natori by Josie Natori.

An unexpected delight! Now available for pennies for 100 ml from discounters ($14.99) when once offered at department stores for $110,this eau de parfum is similar to Armani Prive Ambre Eccentrico with top notes of aldehydes. The scent is a floriental with a strong note of plum and other fruits, plus a warm amber undercurrent. The bottle is a love-it-or-hate-it shape. It is heavy. It's an abstract floral form with a matte black cap and a see-through key hole. This is so enjoyable that I bought a back up.

Not too much fruit. Not too much flower. Just right. Girly, but not too feminine. Good for year round wear. I like the peony and ylang ylang here. Mellow base.

I became aware of this perfume after searching Fragrantica for my sister's favorite, Avon's Natori. I thought it strange there was another obscure perfume with the same name, and found myself re-visiting the page here, wondering how it smelled. It just looked so... exotic.

Exotic, it is! And dark. Perhaps a little racy. Definitely a nighttime scent (if not a boudoir scent!). The scent and the bottle together seem suggestive, and definitely evoke female sexuality. The rose is soft and feminine - somehow understated despite being prominently featured. The plum, though, wow - very delicious, especially when paired with that sultry ylang-ylang! Lastly, the aldehydes really do provide a fizzy, effervescent quality. Mmm... smoldering! Now, it doesn't seem to last terribly long, but, it's a fantastic blend. Another plus is that doesn't seem terribly popular or well-known, unlike many of those dark, sultry scents out there. So, it's a unique scent. It's also very affordable. However...

The bottle design is the absolute worst I've encountered yet. I don't know where to start! First - the bottle leaks. I bought a 1.7oz bottle, and 25% was gone due to leaking during shipment, despite careful packaging. It appears to be leaking one of the small circular "windows" at the bottom of the bottle. It also leaks from the top. Perhaps this is my fault for trying so hard to get the cap off! I didn't know quite where to pull from, and I tried to be gentle.. but the cap is heavy, and fits tightly, causing an awkward tug-of-war when trying to decap.

Sadly, there are yet more bottle complaints (sorry!): The cap seems dipped in some kind of paint to make it black. Because my bottle came leaking, the wetness compromised that black paint on the cap, leaving weird wrinkles and bubbles in the texture. After gently wiping my damp bottle with a tissue, some of the purple paint started coming off in small flecks. The paint on the cap is also flecking off. I've been as gentle as I could with this bottle, but no matter how cautious, I'm ruining it! Which is a shame because it's quite a lovely bottle design otherwise.

This was a sleeper for me. Nice an' all. But I now appreciate Natori. Instead of a fruity musk for teens, it is a musky plum for adult women. It's a subdued woody plum on a very elegant rich base. The aldehydes make it sing and the musk makes it purr. It seems like an excellent accompaniment to lingere..though I wear it in day light hours too to nice effect. Bravo whoever put it together...they've done a pretty darn good job of it. This would make a great gift. I think most women into perfume would like! It is classy elegant but with some depth..and really nothing else is quite like this.

My initial impression is this is one thick, sweet perfume ! I don't get aldehydes . A lovely silky mish mash of strong florals and ripe plum though the plum doesn't seem to be fore front on me .A wee touch of powder ,lots of amber. This is very floral gourmand to me. Natori makes clothes and ladies' lingerie I believe . It's a plush perfume, soft, rounded ,tenacious and softens after the intiial blow out of sweetness. It's not unique enough for me to want a full bottle of but it's good juice. I probably love the bottle more than anything in regards to the whole packaging. Tactile, inviting.

What a pretty fragrance. Soft, not a punch you in the face at first application type floral. Graceful is a great way of describing it. I could smell the rose and peony. Faded quickly though. It's a scent I'd readily wear if gifted, but not necessarily something I'd rush out to buy since I don't find it overly original.

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