Strange Invisible Perfumes (2005)

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What can I say, my skin and nose seemed to like this one. This was the most "mainstream" of the SIPs that I've tried. I don't mean that in a negative way, because I found it the most wearable on me. It was somewhat reminiscent of Carnal Flower--the tuberose definitely predominates, after a bit of a greenish opening. However, the frag had a slightly darker, less "pretty" undertone, which I can't quite identify. It also avoided the "wallpaper paste" or "wet cardboard" note I sometimes get from tuberose frags. Lasting power was good for a natural, and the vanilla stayed in a supporting role, which is where I generally prefer it.
Oct 12, 2008

I love the notes, but hated the juice. All of the SIP's that I tried smelled fermented, sharp, and decaying, as if giving off some of the amine-type molecules that are the end-products of bio-decay. Purplebird mentioned a fermented scent in a POSITIVE review of L'Invisible--to each his or her own, eh? This just wasn't for me, nor did my kids, partner and friends like it. They all scrunched their noses and grimaced after sniffing my arm, and moved away from me as if I had the Bubonic Plague. There was nothing pretty or striking or even interesting about this scent on me. Strange? yes. Invisible? hardly. Scrub-worthy? yes, unfortunately.
Jun 13, 2008

Narcotic was intensely strong and "green" at first. I got a whiffed of uncooked rice - you know that musty/dusty smell you get when you open a new bag of white rice? Anyways, shortly thereafter the Tuberose note came ROARING out! It became overwhelming and very annoying. I gave me a headache so I then tried to wash Narcotic off my wrist but the scent would not go away. Ugh.
Apr 3, 2008

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