Narcisse Taiji fragrance notes

  • Head

    • pear, ginger root, tuberose
  • Heart

    • narcissus, hay absolute, bran absolute
  • Base

    • leather, patchouli, musks

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Latest Reviews of Narcisse Taiji

Pleasant smooth white flower note leaning towards tuberose. There is an interesting wintergreen backnote. By this I mean a touch of salicylate (ethyl or methyl, the smell of surgical spirit in pure form). Whether this occurs naturally in narcissus I'm not too sure. It is more usually associated with ylang ylang and also with other salicylates as part of the bouquet of fougeres and 'clover' perfumes. Nevertheless, it seems to be quite at home as part of this fragrance.
23rd December 2021
Fruit, spice and floral, a peculiar combination at the start, which could be a dog's breakfast or an original set of top notes delivering an original first phase - the latter was the case. Pear, ginger, as a tuberose appear together - the tuberose is is a bit delayed - and their joint force result in an original moment of the synthesis of the three.

The drydown is based on dried grass in its core. Hay absolute and bran absolute are mentioned in the scent pyramid, but the hay is in the foreground on me. Then I get the eponymous narcissus, finally, and, quite unexpectedly, it remains in the background for a while, before becoming stronger after a while.

The base develop a smooth suede-kike leather, followed by an usually mild and soft patchouli. Towards the end it becomes much sweeter as a result of a large dose of white musks flooding the whole in the final stages.

I goer strong sillage, excellent projection, and eight hours of longevity on my skin.

A very good first phase in this spring scent is followed but a good drydown, but the base does not keep up this standard, as it lacks vividness and is a bit too generic. The performance is good. 3/5
25th October 2021