Narcisse Blanc fragrance notes

  • Head

    • Orange Blossom, Neroli
  • Heart

    • Lilac, Petitgrain
  • Base

    • Iris, Sandalwood

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Latest Reviews of Narcisse Blanc

I'm never sure what to make of Narcisse Blanc: I don't dislike it, but on my skin it is almost identical to Narcisse Noir; just a little lighter and less sweet.
26th July 2014
I adore Caron. There isn't a Guerlain that I can wear happily but Caron is another matter altogether. Narcisse Blanc opens with a strong neroli laced floral tour de force and for a few minutes I wonder if I can wear it, but then the Caron magic happens and all the notes fall into place I am wrapped in an innocent yet still elegant floral lace that smells of quality and graciousness. Sillage is huge upon application but quiets down quickly to a polite level and hums along nicely for a good 6 hours on my skin. I own many Carons in EdT but think the house really shines in their extraits. I'm saddened to hear that Infini has been discontinued, in fact absolutely floored. I can only assume that perhaps they are unable to create some of their beauties to their standards with the IFRA regulations. Thankfully I have stockpiled 3 bottles of the parfum . . . .
22nd April 2014

On my skin this blasts into an earthy, green, pungent and musty mint with neroli hovering in the background. I take it that the musty mint is the jonquil, never having knowingly encountered this before. The jasmine and rose are evident in the dry down, supporting the neroli.

This is just too medicinal and sharp for my tastes. I prefer the Narcisse Noir usage of the neroli note. 4/17/2013

Second Review: 4/22/2022 - Revisiting this after nine years and experiencing a vintage decant, I find it less pungent than my earlier experience, but far weaker in its performance. It is extremely light and the petitgrain and orris are undetectable. Putting this up against Floris' neroli masterpiece, Special #127, it is like night and day. In the Floris the same combination of neroli, orange blossom and petitgrain are fully rounded, quite strong in the edt version and long-lasting. Narcisse Blanc pales to a barely detectable skin scent in comparison. Narcisse Blanc is just too bland and weak a scent for me to credit even a neutral rating.

18th April 2013
On my skin, Narcisse Blanc is like the younger softer sister of Narcisse Noir. There is a similar incense note in both fragrances. I prefer Narcisse Blanc with its subtle floral incense. It's beautiful . A refined Narcisse Noir.
20th July 2010
I tried NB at Caron (Phyto) in NYC, amongst a few other urn extraits (French Can Can, En Avion, Farnesiana) and this one really stood out with my chemistry. I would describe it as soft with understated elegance -- wearable everyday and definitely bottle-worthy.
14th July 2007
An extraordinarily sweet and unnatural orange blossom top note trails through the evolution of the fragrance for hours. It is met with jonquil, a difficult scent to balance, as even a small quantity can be pungent. Perhaps depending on skin type, the jonquil can cross the threshold into the realm of honesty stinky (it did on my skin). My Caron samples were ordered fresh from the New York boutique, so I cannot attribute their off-putting nature to anything but a true mismatch between them and me--the exception being the acceptable Acaciosa.
30th October 2006
I tried Narcisse Blanc for the first time today. It starts off kind of soapy-sweet, but the dry down is very light and refined. I think the "lady-like" descriptions are very accurate. A nice alternative to the modern fragrances for women that are available today.
13th September 2006
A clean, fresh scent - - perfect for women of any age unlike some of the newer perfumes of our day. Some say that it is too sweet, but I don't find it to be so when applied with a light hand and allowed to settle in.
14th April 2006
A lighter, more simplistic Caron fragrance. Softer and a little sweet! Jasmine, orange blossom and rose are fresh. Understated elegance! I don't get along well with Narcisse Noir (much to my dismay) but Blanc and I have an excellent chemistry! If you are new to the fragrances of Caron, this would be a fine introduction for you!
29th March 2006
Absolutely wonderful! I love Narcisse Noir, and am thrilled to have had the chance to try Blanc. I totally agree with donna255's review that whereas Noir is the va-va-va-voom, Blanc is simpler, lighter, fresher and leaves a wonderful almost soapy sillage.
23rd October 2005
I was given a sample of Narcisse Blanc in a swap,it was an unexpectedextra. I already owned Narcisse Noir and on first sniff thought Blanc was the same fragrance. But when I decided to put one on each wrist I got the full story. Were Noir is civet sex goddess oriental,Blanc is quieter softer. Of course it does have the orange blossom of Noir but here is is creamy and used with a lighter hand. This gives some the impression of Blanc being cold and even metalic compared to the oriental heat of Noir. But I really like both. Blanc is more feminine without the sex goddess diva feel of Noir. So if you feel Noir is not you try Blanc she is more of a lady.
18th November 2004