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Narciso Rodriguez (2007)

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Reviews of Narciso Rodriguez for Him by Narciso Rodriguez

There are 131 reviews of Narciso Rodriguez for Him by Narciso Rodriguez.

I finally got a chance to smell Narciso Rodriguez for Him and thought it would be quite different than what I experienced from my sample. The note pyramid intrigued me but the scent itself I don't find all that compelling. As other reviews note, it's got a certain dark quality to it. I like violet notes, but paired with an earthy patchouli, amber and a dark musk it gives a cold, ozonic feeling. Quite like a cloudy, rainy day. Not great sillage but the scent stayed on my skin for a good 7 hours. I didn't hate it, but not one that I would want to wear at all. Neutral.
Mar 2, 2021

I understand that this was quite novel when released, and remains distinctive. I don't find any fantasy accord here, and the listed notes are pretty accurate. The whole Narciso Rodriguez parfums aesthetic is a play on musk, and this one is primarily a sweet musk together with notes of violet leaf, on a base of patchouli (somewhat metallic) and amber. It smells nice, but sits a bit too close to skin, though is reasonably long-lasting. One could even think of it as a modern interpretation of Grey Flannel. Unfortunately it's a bit too sharp/synthetic, which is exaggerated if applied a bit liberally due to said projection issues. It got nearly cloying, at which point I decided to part with it. Nonetheless, definitely worth checking out.

Jul 22, 2020

I guess I seem to be one of those people that don't see this scent as so completely unique as to be some kind of unicorn. That said, I do enjoy the creativity within its simplicity.

I can see why some people would say that this smells like wet concrete, though that's not the description that I would use. To me, it's a musky violet. Combined with the patchouli, that balance creates a dulling, wetting effect that would lead one to imagine that this is the smell of the city streets on a cold, rainy day. The amber and musk create a bit of a buttery warmth to this, making sure it doesn't become so drab that it ceases to become a fragrance and becomes more of an odorous chemical. It's pretty linear, performance is very good, sillage is decent and longevity is strong,

I'm a fan of violet in fragrances, and I think that Kurkdjian did a great job with this. For a scent with only four notes, it doesn't come across as anemic at all. As far as when and where to wear this, I would say at night and during the fall and maybe winter. It does have a dreary vibe to it, so outside of autumnal funerals, I'm not sure when I would decide to apply this one. All in all, a very nice fragrance that I really enjoy, but one that needs a very specific time and place to be worn.

Thumbs up.
Sep 12, 2019

Wet concrete? Sure, whatever. It is fine. To me it is laundry musk with violet leaf. Maybe some aldehydes as it seems to have a bit of lift. Its fine, not bad. It will never be the star of your wardrobe though.
Aug 10, 2019

A real synthetic stinker.

Awful stale apple/pear/musk. Pot purri gone crazy.


Fragrance: 4/10
Projection: 8/10
Longevity: 8/10
Oct 22, 2018

This is a really weird fragrance. It smells like something hipsters would love to wear. It starts off with a very interesting smell of wet concrete, but then dries down to an unbearably sweet patchouli. I have learned that I dislike patchouli a lot after smelling this fragrance. Overall a huge disappointment, and no I don't get any petrichor or rainy day vibe (other than the initial wet concrete).
Mar 4, 2018

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