Narciso Rodriguez for Her Musc Noir Rose 
Narciso Rodriguez (2022)

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Narciso Rodriguez for Her Musc Noir Rose by Narciso Rodriguez

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Narciso Rodriguez for Her Musc Noir Rose is a women's perfume launched in 2022 by Narciso Rodriguez

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Reviews of Narciso Rodriguez for Her Musc Noir Rose by Narciso Rodriguez

There are 5 reviews of Narciso Rodriguez for Her Musc Noir Rose by Narciso Rodriguez.

This fragrance features a well-balanced blend of rose, musk, and vanilla, with the musk and vanilla taking the lead while the rose adds a touch of complexity. It has decent longevity, making it a good choice for all-day wear, and I would recommend it as a great gift option for anyone aged 25 and over.

Musc Noir Rose is hands down my favourite fragrance from this house without a doubt, it was a love at first sniff for me, and it can be very addictive with a masterful blend of roses and musks it's just sublime.

Having had sometime to live with this fragrance, the sillage isn't loud or in your face but it's more personal but there will be hints of it in the air and on my skin it lasts around 6-8 hours, but I am a serial over-sprayer and bathe in this scent because it's also very clean, has some class while being sensual and it walks that line so, so well.

I was in the mood for a darker and moodier Narciso fragrance, and this was on sale. Only the large bottle was on sale, but it also included a gift with purchase of body lotion. So it was a blind buy, but since I already know I love Narciso fragrances, it was safe for me. And my hopes for a darker and more mysterious fragrance were completely fulfilled. I got exactly what I hoped for. It definitely has the sweet powdery musk that I have come to love from the brand, but the pink pepper and the deep dark burgundy rose make me fall in love with it all day. Over and over again. I also swear I detect a hint of cinnamon, but it’s not a listed note so it could be totally in my head. One thing I know is that this is a love for me. And it will be on heavy rotation for autumn which it is absolutely perfect for. If you enjoy Narciso, I am fairly confident that you will love this.

Musk Noir Rose is a beautiful fragrance with clear Narciso DNA and in my opinion is a very safe blind buy if you are a Narciso woman. It's neither a gothic scent, nor heavy and challenging, but the olfactory equivalent of a sleek, semi -transparent black dress or a light black silk cami. Compared to it's sister scent Musk Noir, Musk Noir Rose is smoother, yet richer and sweeter. The Musk Noir Rose has a creamy earthiness, but the Musk Noir has a luscious sweetness. To me this sits right between like and love. Which is something i really appropriate about this fragrance, it doesn't need to be loud to capture someone's attention. Though the name is noir, it is actually pretty gentle, mature, and quietly alluring.

The first spray delivered plum, sweet and ripe. This plum is like pickled/preserved one or something resulting out if an oven baked cake or pudding with it's essence deliberately preferred to the world at large, could be a bit headache inducing. The rose combined with the plum, it gives the rose a fruity quality. But this isn't a tangy, candy fruit note-it is a lush, ripe one that reminds me of autumn. And the harmony of musk with vanilla arrived. As it the rose invites you to admire, inhale and touch her, but be warned she is not that sweet yellow or innocent rose, she is the velvet rose, ready to devastate anyone who ventures into her hair. The composition, although quite linear, is rich and complex in it's simplicity. It is for a boss, someone with strength who can handle a fragrance with her attitude. It makes me think of a tall woman in a black turtleneck chic and classy, edgy, a little cold, not super-feminine. The Performance isn't as loud as Musk Noir.

Very similar to original Narciso Rodriguez Musc Noir For Her, but feels louder, sweeter, rosier. Plum is very noticeable. It feels fruity-rosy and very feminine, with some signature NR musk underneath.

Since I'm not the biggest fan of rose, I prefer the original Musc Noir For Her to this as it feels fluffier and muskier (and the plum in it has more of these suede-ish aspects that I love; Musk Noir Rose is not suede-ish at all, it's mostly fruity-tart-rosy). Although in general both Musc Noirs are very similar, so you don't need both. Try both and choose the one that suits you best.

And of course I prefer the original gorgeous fluffy, woody, musky Narciso Rodriguez For Her EDT with all its lovely osmanthus and orange blossom petals to all of them.

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