Narciso Rodriguez for Her Musc Noir fragrance notes

    • plum, heliotrope, rose, musk, white cedarwood, suede accord

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I thought of powdery as synonymous with rose until smelling this. The musk and powder dance here in the dry down is a game changer for my inexperienced nose. I cannot get enough of my arm.

This musc opens far sweeter than expected but the sweet plum doesn’t cast a gourmand shadow as it’s fleeting. A sexy but restrained suede begins to build and soon the sweet plum and suede are tangled up quite nicely together. It’s powdery dry down leaves one wanting more but it’s a satisfying powder. Not old lady, no rose, just a light vanilla
/heliotrope advancing with powder.
Silage is moderate but I also applied sparingly, your mileage may differ. Wear time is looking like past my bed time so I’ll need to update this with further sampling.
22nd December 2022
Musc Noir brings to my sense the act of drinking of liquor of plums, at the late evening hours, accompanied by black tea and a dessert. This is not dangerous at all. This is huge, beautiful, dominant plum combined with musk and suede that smell like the 80s/90s but in the modern way. It's not as heavy as i was expecting. It could be a great scent if the dry down was deep and rich.

It opens with a deliciously plummy. A few later i am getting a bit of smokiness and within minutes suede appear, with a bit of heliotrope, all in a mist of full powdery musky dry down. It's utterly gorgeous and not at all over-the-top; glamorous, but not over done. You can wear this at night for special occasions, but the dry down is soft and almost skin scent. This lady is seductive and wearing a too-tight V-neck that show the edges of her bra. You can layering it with Guerlain La Petite Robe Noire Black Perfecto and they blend well.
5th July 2021