Rose and Peony replace Gardenia in this incarnation of 'Narciso' marketed in a black bottle counterpart to the white 'Narciso'

Narciso Eau de Toilette fragrance notes

  • Head

    • Bulgarian rose, Peony
  • Heart

    • Musk
  • Base

    • cedarwood, Vetiver

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I've had to re-write this review 3 times now because my feelings keep changing.

They always remained positive, but I keep finding new nuances that add a new depth to the love.

This mainly shares the come-hither musk accord of the creamier EDP, but adds the most delicate and beautiful rose topnote those manages to last longer than you'd think, as a topnote.

Sadly this and it's big sister use some heavy musks - one day they're strong, the next I don't smell a thing. The genius is there, but my stupid brain gets in the way sometimes.
18th October 2022
Primavera by Sandro Botticelli
16th October 2018

Floral, pretty, little bit of white musk. Quite radiant. Beter than most department store fragrances and unlikely to offend anyone, but nothing special.
29th July 2018
Crazy for this blend of Narciso. For some reason I didn't buy the Cream Narciso EDP, something held me back. This EDT version has wonderful stickability on my skin, releasing little puffs of rosy goodness for many hours. It's in my top ten, on my dresser, now the 100 ml bottle after I went through the 30 and 50 ml bottles. I still have 50 ml bottles of 'For Her', 'Musc Intense' and 'In Colour' tucked away in the drawer, but it is this one that lit up some section of my brain.
19th August 2017
Floral, woody, subdued, feminine, Spring scent. Musk, peony, rose, vetiver, and cedar create a safe, but sultry fragrance, in my opinion. This is a fine designer offering. It works day into night. It is one of those fragrances I believe any lady would enjoy, as a gift.

Longevity is 2 out of 5 "stars".
26th June 2017