Narciso Eau de Parfum Ambrée fragrance notes

  • Head

    • frangipani, ylang ylang
  • Heart

    • amber, cedarwood
  • Base

    • vanilla, musk, cashmeran

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Latest Reviews of Narciso Eau de Parfum Ambrée

I love all of the Narcisos in the cubic bottles. I also love the Ambree, but it turns sour on my skin. The scent is gorgeous and creamy with great longevity and sillage.
13th January 2023
I find this disgusting. Took the brilliant lactonic-structure of the original and went in the coconut direction. Fans of the yellow pinetree car freshener will be pleased by its "topical" nature. Fans of smelling like a crispy tanning booth victim, rejoice! This was made for your leathery decolletage.

It plays at full volume and never dies. If you happen to have tested on you wrist and you feel the way I do - I'm so sorry for your amputation.

Pretty bottle.
3rd November 2022

This one exceeded my expectations in every way. I definitely smell the warm, sunny, yellow florals. It has a bit of a tropical vibe without any coconut… it really just makes me smile every time I smell this. There is a very subtle sweetness, and what came as the biggest surprise, the amber… although present, is sort of hiding in the background. I love how balanced this is and there are no sharp edges. Just smooth, happy, sunny, warm flowers. Perfect for spring and summer without giving a sunscreen vibe. I’d wear this any time of day, but if I had to choose I’d say it’s more of a daytime scent. Projection and sillage is low-moderate. And it wears for about 4-5 hrs on me before becoming a skin scent. This is another favorite of mine!
15th April 2022
Frangipani is very noticeable here, and that makes this fragrance somehow summery - although none of NR scents are exactly summer scents. It smells happy. Less musky, less woody and more floral than other Narciso cubes to my nose. Smells very smooth and sunny - all these tropical flowers are doing their job well. Could be named Narciso Nude, too.
15th January 2022
Narciso Rodriguez Eau de Parfum Ambrée is a thick combination of musk, amber, ylang-ylang and balsams supported by accessorial elements as white flowers and dry cedar. Narciso Eau de Parfum Ambrée was launched in 2020 as a brand new Aurelien Guichard's amber-floral performance with a warm luxurious "tropical" twist. This perfume actually holds on the landmark floral-chypré musky concept (with the Narciso's passion for the l'egyptian musk's supreme and sophisticated sensual radiancy) which is in this case enriched by a new sultry shiny floral vibe. Somebody has written it smells like Narciso Rodriguez edp has gone to the beach and I partially agree in the sense that this fragrance exudes a warm kind or organic vaguely balmy aroma (the one of the feminine "layered with tropical floral creams" golden skin after tanned and sweated by the warmth of the sun). The original amber note is in here cleverly blended with rich vanilla in order to exude a rich texture and a special kind of sultry musky-floral warmth. This signature Narciso Rodriguez's musky accord is actually enriched due to a combination of sweet intense vanilla, tropical flowers and soft cashmere. More than properly tropical I find this fragrance warmly visceral and musky in a sort of "intimate hot way". The heavenly NR Poudree's lactonic/musky/rosey untouched "whiteness" is in this case soiled by this dose of simil-organic kind of acid/resinous sensual infusion. There is a kind of leafy/citric faint dose of (cedary) tartness as undertone which seems to elicit a sort of ostensibly salty warm "skin-smell". This floral tartness, as combined with warm soothing musky/balmy elements, conjures me the same kind of "contrast" I've noticed in the new Shiseido Ginza, another musky/balmy floral "double accord" with a sort of dry/warm kind of organic simil-salty undertone (don't forget that
Narciso Rodriguez parfums is a designer brand fragrances of the Shiseido Fragrance Division). In any case the kind of organic ambery dirtier warmth does not jeopardize at all the super Narciso-landmark (classic and modern all at once) floral-musky wave of sophistication with its quite chic note of ylang-ylang and a note of drier frangipani particularly regal, luxuriant and bold (a part of the intimate side of the moon). The sillage is heavy despite I find this creamy juice like closer to skin if compared with the previous Narciso's. Another winner from Narciso although my absolute favorite from the house is still the older pink bottle Narciso Rodriguez for her.

29th March 2021