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Nani by Saffron James Parfums

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Nani is a women's perfume launched in 2008 by Saffron James Parfums

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There are 4 reviews of Nani by Saffron James Parfums.

This review is for the oil version.

This opens as a white floral, mainly indolic jasmine, with a distinctly barnyard feel. Over the first hour, mimosa, lily & ylang ylang come through, & later on there's a creamy-sweet frangipani. The projection is low as you might expect from an oil, & it lasts around five hours before fading.
Despite its less than stellar performance, I really enjoy the scent of this animalic, tropical floral, & I think it might be great in the EDP.

In this scent I am not getting the customary three phases, but one floral cocktail that merely changes emphasis over time.

Initially, a lovely intense glowing jasmine is in the foreground, underlined be ylang-ylang, which makes a nice combination. Later on, white florals grow even stronger, with a sweetish frangipani note growing stronger, with mimosas with hints of oleander leaving now doubt that this is a floral bouquet by nature.

The silkage is moderare, the projection good, and I get a very satisfactory seven hours of longevity. Good quality ingredients are used, well blended and overall never too sweet or cloying. A great white floral with an exotic twist, very wearable on warmer spring or cooler summer days. 3/5

Tovah speaks the truth! Nani is a vibrant, magical jasmine fragrance. Pushing the indoles to the max, it is one of those scents that compels you to keep on sneaking a whiff. Truth be told, I still hold A La Nuit as the top jasmine for me, mostly because it doesn't possess a wooded or musky drydown, but this Nani is a tropical wonder all it's own, wooded musk and all! If you are a lover of white florals, tropical flowers, or jasmine, you MUST experience this one for yourself. I would also describe it as elegant and sophisticated, which for a tropical bloom is amazing! It lasts an eternity. Thumbs up.

I was at Apothia the day the lovely Katherine Growney launched Nani. After one sniff I was in love, and I purchased a bottle on the spot. I've always been entranced by the fragrance of jasmine, so I grow several varieties in my garden. My favorite scent of warm summer evenings is that of "jasminum sambac", which is called "Arabian Jasmine" here in California, and "Pikake" in Hawaii. Before my introduction to Nani, I hadn't found a jasmine fragrance that truly captured the intoxicating beauty of the flower's aroma, and smelled good on me. Nani has several layers of moods, and extremely good lasting power. It begins as a fresh, sunny, sweet jasmine, evoking a fresh new lei on a warm morning. As the fragrance develops, it gets headier, and muskier. Eventually Nani becomes the scent of the lei that you've worn throughout the day. As the moon illuminates the white flowers, you place the lei on your nightstand so it will transport tropical sensuality into your dreams. And your dreams are beautiful. Nani is exquisite, and it's become one of my "top five" all-time favorites!

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