N°15 Extrait de Parfum 
Auphorie (2017)


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The company says: 

N°15 marks the 15th fragrance we created for the house of Auphorie. Unlike our previous works which have certain cultural or historical references, this is a scent that focuses on the selection of raw ingredients and the construction of scent, featuring one of the most valuable natural ingredients -- orris butter.

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Reviews of N°15 Extrait de Parfum by Auphorie

Auphorie marks its 15th creation with an abstract perfume of finesse and aerodynamism. It’s just as well they’ve chosen a mouthwash blue-green for the colour of this liquid as the feel of this perfume is of wide open (scented) air merging constantly into springwater arising from a source ringed by soft fantasy florals and greens – and then turning back to air. The intention may have been to showcase orris butter but the wearer may be forgiven for coming away with a completely different perception. If there’s one predominant note to this composition it is a cool, almost minty violet leaf, bittersweet and fluffed out by soft florals and the abiding airiness of No 15.
Accents of clovey spice, woodshavings and musky ambrette that lurk close to the skin are the only deviations from the clean blue-green theme in the first half. But this is an aero-aquatic with a difference – it doesn’t pelt you with faux cucumbers and melons, there is no recognizable calone drone, nothing vaguely industrial, and it doesn’t get headachey. It’s floating and persistent, and whatever the synthetics used, the result is olfactory harmony.
Later on, the perfume condenses somewhat and undergoes a by-degrees character change with a more earthbound leather and resinous woody aspect coming into view without affecting the overall lightness of touch.

Mar 16, 2018

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