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Amouage (2016)

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Reviews of Myths Man by Amouage

There are 29 reviews of Myths Man by Amouage.

An interesting Amouage. The first few hours smell tarry, ashy, smoky, with a bit of leather and some floral nuances in the background. Artistic, unique but perhaps too weird for its own good as a perfume. The dry-down is a wonderful accord of lush floral and soft resins, though it appears after at least three hours. While I love the destination, I am not so sure about the journey.

Jul 8, 2021

Gents, Smellwise - Myths Man is my Favorite out of the whole Amouage Collection.
I started with a sample first, love at first sniff. It's very unique scent in the opening (the whole composition to be honest). You have to have the right taste in order to like or even love Myths.
The downside with this is the versatility: I would wear this when it's super cold outside, maybe during the evenings, dressed up in a suit and overcoat & red scarf: That would be fantastic scent to go with that if you can picture it.

Myths Man lasts 14-15 hours on my skin, projection for 1-2 hours - first application, fills the whole room for 3 hours.
Skin scent for 9 hours+
It's complex and quite potent, I usually go only One Spray.

Again, the best scent from Amouage, but that doesn't mean I will wear it so often, I find different frags from Amouage that are a bit more friendly when it comes to occasions.
Smell: 10/10 - Uniqueness: 10/10 - Longevity 10/10
Versatility - 6/10 - Overall 9/10
May 7, 2021

The opening of Myths Man is good, chrysanthemum and iris with a cold, ashy air about it, seem to hold the promise to an unusual experience, but that lasts for just a few minutes. After that nothing remotely interesting happens, and once the top notes are gone you're left to deal with a viciously harsh smoky vetiver that eats whatever other note they put into it. So no Rum, Rose or Leather, not even in the background, just earthy vetiver and some smoke, probably burnt vetiver smoke. I'm writing from the perspective of someone who doesn't hate vetiver per se, I might even enjoy some if played right, but here it's just one loud note going on and on. Myths man is a dark, sombre fragrance, but with no mistery or depth about it. Wearing it is like being stuck with someone you don't particularly like and who is always miserable.
Feb 19, 2021

All I get is Chrysanthemum with a trace of ashes. Initially I was in two minds. Its actually a fresh fragrance with a bit of body to it but at one point I forgot I was wearing it then something started getting up my nose. It projects and lasts!
Can't be having that!

Fragrance: 6.75/10
Projection: 7.5/10
Longevity: 8/10
Dec 18, 2019

Amouage Myths Man (2016) is an interesting sequel of sorts to the earlier Interlude Man (2012), in the way that it takes the same ashy vetiver leather core but builds a different fragrance on top of it in a similar fashion to the way many antique Guerlain fragrances were built upon one another (the "Guerlinade" phenonenon). I'm not saying that there is sort of a foundational house note under this and Interlude both in quite the same manner as several Guerlains, but I am saying they both stem from the same roots. Myth Man is a powdery floral masculine heavy with iris, similar in tone to something like Dior Homme (2005) or the concurrently-released Prada L'Homme (2016), but with an oriental spin. Undoubtedly this will feel feminine in tone to many Western CISHET guys, and the vibrant lilac and purple bottle doesn't help, but I like it. The person who I think will appreciate Amouage Myths Man most is the male fan of iris that doesn't quite like the "makeup" smell it brings to the table with Dior treatments, but doesn't want something explicitly gourmand or soapy. Here iris is built up in almost chypre-like fashion with everything save an oakmoss note.

The opening contains what Amouage calls a chrysanthemum note. That flower is typically not used in perfume as it is often a display flower or used in insecticides, but produces a sweet sort of powdered Kool-Aid smell similar to grape leaves. For this reason, Myths Man has some linkback to Versace Man (2003), which coincidentally is also housed in a purple bottle, but moves into iris soon after instead of tobacco. The iris ends up being the main player in Myths Man, as it is joined in the heart by elemi, rose, and a boozy note, before descending into the same smoky vetiver and leather base as Interlude Man. By the time the base shows up, Myths distinguishes itself from Interlude with the iris being in the forefront, while the dry leather and vetiver kick around with a bit of pasty rockrose/labdanum, making Myths Man feel thoroughly formal or for a date night at a fine dining establishment at best. This one is very gender-neutral for obvious reasons, but most women with socio-typical tastes are likely to find this too powdery and old-fashioned like a "grandma's perfume". Sillage is extraordinary and projection nearly the same, while longevity is well over 24 hour so beware.

Fans of Interlude Man will want to check this out as a lighter and brighter alternative to that fragrance, but you have to really be a lover of iris otherwise to dig Myths Man, as it is the most prominent thing you smell after the chrysanthemum note fades to allow the vetiver and leather to come through. Put another way, this is an even more-powdery take on the leather accord from Knize Ten (1924), with added vetiver smoke and a bit of oriental mustiness mixed in. Myths Man is another surprisingly niche-like masculine creation from a house that has throughout the 2010's seemed content to make nuclear-powered Middle Eastern takes on masculine Western perfumery tropes ever since the popularity of scents like Jubilation XXV (2007) and Reflection Man (2007) moved them into that direction. By contrast, this is Amouage going back to familiar tricks from the 80's and 90's and a nice nod to their own heritage, even if not as eminently wearable compared to some of their more popular choices. Make sure you sample or order a test/decant sprayer of this even if you're a fan of iris or vetiver smoke, as this will challenge your tolerances. Thumbs up.
Oct 29, 2019

I love the opening of Myths Man. It really does smell like Interlude Man, except it has a floral rumminess that I absolutely love! I wish the opening would last through the whole wear. It's not that the base notes are bad, this is a very well blended fragrance. I just really enjoy the opening so very much! Excellent job Amouage!
Aug 24, 2019

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