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Bortnikoff (2018)


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Mysterious Oud by Bortnikoff

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The Opening notes are exquisite fragrances that greet the wearer with ambery citruses and ripe fruits. It is made when Bergamot and Orange are spiced up with cardamom and then after, soaked in amber. Immediately the notes of different ouds arrive on the stage supported by light, gentle and well-balanced floral. The heart of this blend is then displayed in resinous, spicy and sweet nuances. Balsamic, woody and the vanillic base are filled with real agarwood aroma from different parts of the world. From Thai and Vietnamese to Indian ouds, more layers are added to increase the depth of the aroma. Our famous fragrance, 100K by Feel Oud wraps all the notes in it’s delicate, smooth and refined character. Overall, this perfume displays the core of authentic agarwood aroma with intense, yet playful fruity character and light floral elements.

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Reviews of Mysterious Oud by Bortnikoff

There are 7 reviews of Mysterious Oud by Bortnikoff.

Like smells emanating from ancient sorceric or shamanic rities this haunting dark juice ebbs and flows on your skin and commands the attention of all your senses with It's great sillage and prolonged longevity. orgasmic and sensational. wonderful smoky oudy intoxicating fragrance. the man who wears this is tall,broad and powerful - both irreverent and dominating with his presence. dark,smoky,erotic,mysterious, stunningly sensual, richly potent devil's potion.

It's a stunning spicy bomb with cloves and can almost feel the heat. you have to wait a while and then the animalic notes bubble to the surface.there is a resinous warmth and sweetness from the tolu balsam and myrrh.all these intense and fiery notes sit on a bed of dense dark natural oud.the resulting dense juice is a dark sensual potion that conveys dark animalic feelings and cam be frightening to many.this is not for less adventurous perfume lovers.

It all started for me with YSL M7, and Ajmal Saif Al Hind, which was a nice Hindi Oud and Rose mix (with a few other things of course, probably saffron, as that's standard). It was powerful stuff. Then I went through a long binge with all those expensive (at the time!) Amouage attars, buying full bottles of many of them. Fast forward 10 years and now Oud is pretty mainstream, with every house obligated to have oud offerings in their lineup, and much of it manufactured oud, not natural. I had a hiatus with my perfume obsession for a few years, but I'm back and bitten hard by the bug. The Amouage attars seem inexpensive now compared with the new batch of offerings from Areej, Bortnikoff, Dove, and Ensar Oud (among others).

So I got me a little sample vial of Bortnikoff Mysterious Oud on Ebay and have been working with it for a couple of days. The guy I bought it from mislabeled the vial with 'Mysterious Mud'. LOL.

Out of the gate, it is very rich, with a complexity that is compelling. One of the first things I get, beside the initial 'gasoline / hydrocarbon' notes of the oud(s) spinning off, is chocolate! A sort of rich candied chocolate. I don't think cacao is listed in the ingredients. It's funny what the mind does when it comes across something it isn't familiar with. The opening for me is very delicious with this rich foody thing going on. Yeah, a spiced candied chocolate oud. Nose buried in wrist, pleasure neurons firing like crazy. That stage lasts for a nice amount of time.

I can smell the different ouds, but the blending is good, they are like different musical registers, with high, middle and low notes. The overall effect is indeed full and 'Mysterious' and exotic in a nice way. Florals? Spices? Incense? My mind needs more time to unpack the full range of impressions.

I don't know if I'd spring for a full bottle of this stuff. I'm just getting started with my sampling of the latest gems from the Russian Emigré community in Thailand. A nice offering from Monsieur Bortnikoff, both exotic AND wearable. Good job. Thumbs up for Mysterious 'Mud'!

Totally capitivating. I let this one pass me by as I have been throughly enjoying Dmitry's work in his later series. Glad I found this before it became completely to hard to source. The sparkling orange bergamot opening takes me on a uplifting journey all the way to the base were the real magic begins with its superior blending of three Oud triumpriate of Vietnamese, Hindi and Trat plus a phlethora of other notes.
A triumph of a scent which again has been a relevation to my senses. I really enjoy this work.

Edit: im gonna leave my first review up as a reminder how these things smell to the unaquiented. I actually like this as one of my favorite blended ouds ive smelled. I keep coming back to it as fascinating, and i get no fecal tones at all now, whether it aged or my palate grew i do not know. I like it now. Who would have guessed.

Old review. The opening here is quite fecal. Animalic on overload. An hour in it starts to smell quite a bit better. The fecal oud has started to cede and blend in with the castoreum (which shines) and spices (namely opoponax). I got whiffs at certain times of cedar, rose, tonka, and labdanum, but these are all muchly bit players, and any recognition of these could have been just a matter of suggestion from reading of the notes. It projected pretty hard for the first hour or two, but then dwindled. Not one I enjoyed very much.

Stardate 20181031:

Boot Polish leather and spices. A bit of oud. Decent fragrance but nothing mysterious or new here. Not worth the price IMO.

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