Myrrhe Ardente 
Annick Goutal (2007)


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Myrrhe Ardente by Annick Goutal

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Annick Goutal
Fragrance House
Isabelle Doyen
Camille Goutal

Part of the 'Les Orientalistes' trio alongside, Ambre Fétiche and Encens Flamboyant.

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Reviews of Myrrhe Ardente by Annick Goutal

There are 25 reviews of Myrrhe Ardente by Annick Goutal.

Here's another Goutal that reminds me of the incense blocks of wood chips (in this case of Alder wood) I used to buy at a local witchy/goth shop. It really has a vibe of burning incense and a hint of smoky winter's night. Sadly, a toothpaste note creeps in as it dries down and kind of spoils the effect. I guess if you want to go to bed early on a wild witchy wind-blown winter's night, this is your thing.

Ugggghhhhh...almost a scrubber. Whoever categorized this as an Incense Fragrance when packaging a recent sampler of "Incense Fragrances" that I ordered really missed the mark.

Perhaps if the anticipated myrrh was center stage, well then...incense perhaps. But OMG...what IS this? Root beer...I wish. Myrrh...none to speak of (not to my nose).

Only scents I detect are a sour benzoin and Gaiac wood. On me, this fragrance smells like I am camping in the woods for days (un-bathed) when I finally trip over a discarded rubber tire and a wood log, promptly falling face first into the ivy and dirt ground underneath me.

Awful. Fortunate for me (and those around me), the fragrance has little longevity and therefore, didn't linger.

Sweet Myrrh...

A balmy, sweet type of Myrrh perfume which I can detect Amber and Benzoin as the main notes. Tonka Bean and Guaiac Wood add to the composition, along with a slight hint of Vetiver. The note which really makes this enjoyable, and which brings the "sweetness" to this fragrance, is the Beeswax. It gives a syrupy, honey like quality and I like it very much.

This is a delightful fragrance! Unisex, but would smell gorgeous on a woman in my opinion.

A nice but restrained myrrh in the opening mixed with a benzoin note that underpins the initial phase if this scent. Later a pleasant gaiac evolves that nerges into the base note if a very well made beeswax, with a gentle and natural vanilla adding a touch of sweetness that is neither too strong nor in any way cloying. This good balance is probably aided by a whiff of vetiver freshness. A pleasant, elegant and well-blended composition that is spite of the comparable low number of constituent notes develops sufficiently to be interesting whilst being well structured. An unobtrusive incense fragrance and a good office scent for winter days. Performance is excellent with moderate sillage, adequate projection and a phantastic longevity of eleven hours on my skin.

I spent most of my childhood wondering what root beer or sarsparilla would taste like. Without it being a reference base I can appreciate the beauty of Myrrhe Ardente for what it is. Hickory stick for one. English toffee is another. Fifty five years ago My Father awaited his Xmas parcels from London. We got British smarties (essentially M&Ms) and he got a burnt toffee from post war Britian. Then there's Kauri gum, or beach amber which has this delicate resin smell. I collect beach amber on my walks and Myrrhe Ardente is like wearing a whiff of it. The gum is, after all, the resin from giant trees burnt down 2,500 years ago, Agathis Australis.

It's gorgeous, unisex, wondrous and addictive, as someone else pointed out.

Discontinued, so I will probably buy a small back up

I had to get some of this, having read such a range of reviews. It's amazing - layers of changing notes that, as another reviewer has noted, vary each time you spray. I can smell liquorice, tomato leaf, mint, resin, and honey at first, then they all join hands to leave a smokey, smokey incense, cool and spicy at the same time. Love it.

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